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March 3, 2020
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March 19, 2020



Some clever person nailed it when they said, “Let your Schedule govern your Actions, not your level of Motivation.”




Let’s once and for all unpack this concept of “motivation”.

Motive – the purpose or reason behind something; then by adding the letter “c” to the remaining “ation” (place it between the A and the T, you get “action”.

Motivation is your reason for taking action. If your reason is strong enough; if someone’s life depends upon you doing or achieving something, you WILL be motivated enough to take whatever actions are needed to achieve. The challenge we face is that most of the things we wish to achieve are normally not life threatening or even vital. Losing weight, making more money, fixing a relationship, getting more sales, may all be important, or relatively important to each individual or circumstance – but NOT life threatening, unless it is. Because of this, many people find it difficult to stay motivated.

So, here’s the trick to be able to answer and fulfil the original motive to take action, without being motivated every day. Let your schedule govern your actions. Believing that you have to be continuously motivated and inspired in order to do what you need to do is the reason most people fail. The ones who succeed are the ones who remember WHY and WHAT they need to do, but they rely on a timetable, a schedule, or a to-do list if you will, to help keep them doing the actions to fulfil the reason, the motive. Yes, it’s a flip! The daily schedule eventually helps keep you motivated.



  1. When you are in a motivated state, to do or change something, you need to immediately set up a timetable to do that which needs doing.
  2. The real secret of achieving almost anything is sticking to the daily, weekly, hourly actions that you need to take in order to be successful.
  3. People who achieve any level of success, either personal or professional, understand that it is only achieved by daily, systematic, continuous, grinding out a result.
  4. You see, when you commit to a schedule you don’t have to be motivated or inspired to do what you need to do every day. Trying to motivate yourself or feeling bad that you are not motivated to work, put in the effort, take the time, do the thing, is tough. It’s tough because the thought of spending the extra time, lifting the weight, running the mile, making the calls actually de-motivates you. But, if you have a no-excuse, must-do schedule or to-do list, everything else falls into place.  So, stop worrying about being motivated just tick the box every day.

You know exactly why you have received this today. You’re welcome.


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  1. Vivian says:

    Thnk you for best advice

  2. Adri says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this, it was extremely insightful and practical advice.
    Best of luck, hopefully when this chapter in our lives are over and we are doing events again we can do business with you.

    Kind regards

  3. Marion Wilson says:

    I agree – my family always tease me about my “list” – learnt it from my father and the habit has stood me in good stead. As the Nike slogan says – just do it!!!

    Thanks for your positive input – we appreciate you.

    Best regards


  4. Getrud says:

    Thanks, I needed this today!

    Thank you very much, Gavin!

    Kind regards,
    Gertrud Neveling.

  5. Leonie says:

    Awesome message Gavin!

    Definitely sharing with my team in these topsy-turvy times!

    Kind regards

    • Desmond Share says:

      Thanks again for the valuable information.Realy a positive and valuable leantool”approach to life and business as well.

  6. Tanki Ushedo says:

    Thanx for this Gavin

    I needed this… something allowing me to focus on improving myself and others during this time

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