Gavin Sharples International Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author and Humorist

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Gavin is and has been the most consistently busy motivational speaker in South Africa over the last 24 years. In a world of fake claims and unashamed, unsubstantiated marketing promises, Gavin has the verifiable facts of this claim that no other speaker has challenged.

Gavin is a professional, highly sought after and experienced speaker working with small, medium and multinational businesses, both locally and internationally in meetings, corporate events and functions. Gavin delivers ideas and strategies in a no-nonsense, cuts to the chase, fun manner. He is one of the only humorist's on continental Africa and one of only a dozen or so around the world. A humorist is a person who delivers a very serious message in a fun and engaging way.

Gavin speaks on matters that relate to the individual and how the individual can and does affect the success of a company. He speaks on Change, Action and Truth. If we don't continuously change and innovate and do things differently we will die. He is a massive disciple of Action and that the actions we take or do not take will determine our success or our failure.

In a world where lying has become second nature we need to disrupt our industry by telling the truth, by finding out truth and by being truthful to our customers. Gavin has over 30 years of sales experience and has keynotes and workshops that guarantee sales results. His entire life work has its foundation in the cornerstones of Love, Light and Laughter.

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Gavin is Different!

He doesn't just talk about being different he is different. By creating groundbreaking and different business philosophies and ideas, he taps into the heart of the matter and he tells it like it is.

He has been called: a maverick, crazy, intense, outspoken, creative, a nice guy, not a normal, naughty, an agitator, a disrupter, disturbing, a holy cow slayer, passionate, irreverent, and a few other words that we cannot repeat here.

His titles have included: son, brother, student, captain, Detective Sgt, bodyguard, entrepreneur, boss, national training manager, platform speaker, motivational speaker, MC, enter – trainer, consultant, author, humorist, friend, partner, husband and his greatest achievement-daddy! (Anyone can be a father)

He has spoken on 5 continents in 10’s of thousands of venues and places but he has also delivered messages on: busses, trains, mountain tops, on a mine, In and on stadiums, on ships, on a catamaran, in tents, in car parks, in warehouses, bedrooms, store rooms, the Sun City Super Bowl, gardens, lounges, garages, factories, schools, apartments, restaurants, movie cinemas, lobbies, all the ICC’s, and became the first man to speak, to do a full keynote, on a passenger jet flown with synthetic fuel between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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