We need more INcompetence!

Stop trying to be Motivated!
March 19, 2020
Success according to Physics!
March 20, 2020



Some clever person nailed it when they said, “Always go within; if you don’t go within you will always be without!”




So many people are trying to fix the outside when they should only really be focusing on the inside. We live in a society that is constantly papering over the cracks on the outside of their lives, caused and driven, by issues on the inside.  We attempt to hide our insecurities with cars, houses, clothing, labels, titles and images. Almost every external show of success, bling or bravado is covering up an insecurity or a desperate need to be liked and loved. The secret is that we need to work on our insides. We have to become insecure. That is, we have to become secure within ourselves. Because a person who is inwardly secure will never be outwardly hurtful or needy. It follows that we need more incompetent people. People who are competent within themselves. That’s why I love incomplete people. These people are complete, and at rest with who they are, within themselves. So, bring on the in-capable people, the in–credible ones, but mostly I love the in-sane ones. People who have sanity within and never need to follow those programmed and conditioned mind-sets (and their minds are set) because they have inner sanity.



  1. Start asking the difficult questions of yourself. What is happening inside of you that caused you to lose your temper? Identify the feeling, the cause of the feeling, understand it, accept it, and build yourself from within.
    1. Upgrade your software. Yes, the grey matter situated within your skull. If you work on making yourself more in-capable you will be an inspire-ation for yourself and others.
    2. Shakespeare said, “know thyself”. Start testing your fundamental beliefs and ask if they are indeed yours or are they conditioned and programmed responses from those without you.
    3. Work on your in-consistency so you will never miss a lecture, class, gym session or meeting. I just love inconsistent people.
    4. Watch and take note of what you put in to your mind and body every day. That which you put in is always shown on the outsideYou actually wear your diet on the outside because of what you put in will show.
    5. If you are in-capable, in-secure, in-complete, in-competent and you always seek the answers within, you will never need to go without or be without.

At this time of in-carceration use the time to do inner work. Inprove your mind, body, soul, habits, and relate-in-ships. It’s always scary to look in, but it’s easier than living without. 

Look within, and you will know exactly why you have received this while you are inside today.

You’re welcome.


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  1. Amelia Sequeira says:

    Thank you for always cutting through the noise to the core points.

  2. Lize Baxter says:

    Morning Gavin

    Thank you! This was INgenius!

  3. Ilona says:

    In-sane piece. Thank you

  4. Tracey Palm says:

    Good morning Gavin,

    There is not much to say except THANK YOU for this

  5. Michelle John says:

    WoW, WoW, thank you for such INspiration !

  6. Tamara Latchmigadu says:

    Thanks Gavin? Needed this message today.



  7. Allison Gallo says:

    Wow, so stunning. Thank you Gav.

    Kind regards

  8. Yvonne VD Merwe says:

    Good morning Gavin, thank you so much for all your inspiring whatsapps, I do not think I would be able to make the day without you funnies or inspiration. You are to right , fix inside first and then the outside will fix itself.
    Have a great day and stay safe.

  9. Marilet Clark says:

    Thanks for this Gavin – I am Inspired ?

  10. Donald Matlala says:

    Thanks so much !

  11. Trevor Grace says:

    Thanks Gavin good message within.

  12. Kaizer says:

    He! Gavin u always put as ahead, u care for us, day in day out, u make sure we received fruit of mind, that makes our mind to be more creative, think positive, we are fortunate be motivated, so we can make different to others, may God keep on blessing u,

  13. Prudence says:

    That was so powerful, thanks Gavin.

  14. Armie Balram says:

    Thank you Gavin,

    Your newsletter is extremely insightful and positive.

    I really and truly appreciate it.

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