May 14, 2019
July 5, 2019

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I don’t think you could find a simpler technique for changing your life or the world than my See-Care-Do formula. And it is as simple as it sounds.

The problem with the world today as I see it, is mostly that people are unconscious. People are sleepwalking while pretending to be conscious. You only have to witness the strange and idiotic things people do while driving cars, to know that they are not consciously aware or concentrating on what they are doing while powering a one-ton, travelling, blunt force instrument.

Ever seen anyone so unconscious on their phone that they walk into people and dustbins?

The taxi that stops in front of you isn’t doing it on purpose. It’s not personal. He doesn’t wake up every morning with his goal sheet which asks him to “P-off” at least 25 drivers in a single day. Most people think that every time he does, he fist-pumps the air and ticks it off his daily action sheet. No! The truth is, he is not even aware that you exist. Most drivers go into a semi-comatose state when they drive and any “awareness” left over, is used on their cellphone, the radio, the conversation with their passenger, or imagining the possible outcome of Game of Thrones. I honestly believe that most people are not bad or evil, I just believe that they are unconscious, and they Do Not See.



If we cannot see a thing, if we are not aware of a thing, how on earth can we care about it? If we are unable to see the young boy being picked on by the racist licensing official, how on earth can we care about what is happening to him? SEE the link here if you don’t know what I’m talking about. The followup explanation and final result of the incident are also on my FB Page. If we do not SEE, we cannot CARE. If we cannot CARE, we cannot DO or SAY something. See-Care-Do.

Millions of people still cannot see that burning paper and tobacco whilst sucking the fumes and the smoke into their lungs is actually slowly killing them. I know! It sounds like pure madness when seeing it for what it actually is. Deeply inhaling nicotine, paper, tobacco and ink into your lungs is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Out-of-control alcohol consumption, massive consumption of sugar products and inactivity are all cause for concern, and yet hundreds of millions of people don’t or can’t SEE the negative effects on their lives. It’s almost as if the self-interest and self-absorbed mindset of people stops them from seeing what is actually happening to, and around them. Not knowing, seeing or being aware of the crime statistics will not shelter you from the criminals. Not being aware of poor service in your company will not buffer you from the company closing down and the retrenchments that follow.



Wake up. Literally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and actually WAKE UP when you drive a car. SEE what is happening in your relationships. SEE the people in your relationships. Stop and actually see your wife, your husband, your children or your loved ones. If things are not as they should be, then you need to CARE enough to do something about it. If you don’t stop and see, notice, acknowledge, then you will believe that there is nothing to do – but there is always something that we can do.

A precautionary note for all men. When seeing that something is wrong with the love of your life, and if you care enough to ask, don’t be fooled by the answer. In fact, you need laser-seeing vision and an exceptional internal awareness, because the instant she says “nothing!” – it is in fact, NOT nothing and it is actually “something”. I see, and have experienced this myself on numerous occasions, and because I CARE about you, dear reader, the worst thing you can do is accept her answer on face value and do nothing. Trust me. When she says nothingshe means, “the fact that you haven’t noticed, and have to ask the question in the first place, has upset me even more. You had better find out what’s wrong and fix it without me having to tell you!”. She will possibly repeat the word “nothing”, over and over again, but trust me you have to look deeper, care more and do something.

Most men unfortunately don’t even get this far, because they don’t notice that something is wrong in the first place. They seem to live in a constant cycle of unconsciousness, leading to punishment, then seeking forgiveness, and back to unconsciousness again. For most women, this is simply called being married to a man!

I believe that most people do actually care, but they are so preoccupied that they do not see. Just recently a petrol attendant saw a young girl whose vehicle was short on fuel and she didn’t have her bank card to pay for it. He cared enough about her, that she would not run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere, that he took his own money (the little that he had) and fueled her car with R100 with of petrol. He saw, he cared, and he acted. This specific instance has gone viral and the crowd funding efforts are going to reward the petrol attendant beyond his wildest dreams. The magic here is that he had no expectations when doing, seeing and caring. This concept of karma, cause and effect, balance, or whatever you like to call it, has a strange way of finding its way back.

  • If you see someone unconsciously not observing the health and safety procedures, say something.
  • If you see someone not locking their door, closing the lid, or leaving something out of place, say something or do something.
  • If someone is being a bully, say something.
  • If someone is playing the victim card, punch them in the face. Only joking! Just checking if you’re concentrating. Say something and do something about it.
  • If someone is always late, say something.
  • If someone does a great job, say something.
  • If someone is kind or considerate, say something.
  • If somebody helps you, say something, do something.

There is always something you can say and there is always something you can do!



But what about the people who do see and don’t care? Unfortunately, the world is full of these people. Don’t be one of them. Anyone who actually sees something wrong and doesn’t do anything about it, is condoning the act. There is a movement afoot called #SeeSomethingSaySomething. You need to make sure that it is safe to say something, safe to do something, or you need to move yourself to a place of safety before you say or do anything. In your life, if something is not serving you and you see that it is not serving you, and you have any form of self-love, you need to care about yourself enough to do something about it.


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  1. R says:

    Awesome words and food for thought

  2. Gaynor says:

    As always pithy and to the point! Thank you Gavin :)

  3. Harriette says:

    Kudos to you Gavin on what you have just written about “see, care – do” most of us just see and walk on without caring or doing anything. we see such even in our own homes.
    will make sure to pass this on to as many people especially the young.

  4. angela grundlingh says:

    My moto exactly….. hate it when someone says.. ja but its not my job…. if you saw it, you can’t unsee it

  5. Janet Thompson says:

    Fantastic ! Thank you Gavin

  6. Alicia says:

    So true, if we all do something, say something, our country, our world would be so much better.
    Thanks Gavin… (Gav):)

  7. Roenel Gissing says:

    So True, thank you Gavin

  8. Sonia Baumann says:

    Excellent and so true = and have been guilty as charged

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