July 5, 2019
October 4, 2019

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I’d like to think that you subscribe to this newsletter because you can depend on one thing; I am the guy that will always tell you what you NEED to hear and not necessarily what you WANT to hearSo, with that as my commitment – I have to tell you, that nobody cares!

No one cares about what you wear, how you feel, about your goals, about your dreams, your successes or your failures. We spend too much of our time worrying about what other people think. Even sadder still, is how much time, money and resources we waste stressing about what normal, average people think. Not extraordinary people, not champions, Nobel peace prize winners or great humanitarians – we worry about what Karen or John in number 7 down the road thinks. We worry about what the other parents will think, what your old school friends will think, how pathetic is that? And not only do we worry what average, (mostly battling) losers think, we are so worried about their judgement that it cripples our efforts to even start moving towards our goals and our dreams.

But here’s the good news, nobody really cares. Some people do care about you failing because if you do, it makes them feel better about themselves and their sad little lives. If you want to worry about somebody caring, care about yourself, work harder on yourself. Worry about what you will think when you do not achieve, improve or better yourself.

Nobody cares about your excuses, nobody! So, shut your mouth and work harder. Nobody cares about your personal circumstances. Nobody gives a crap about your aches and pains. So, shut your mouth and work harder. Do you realise that most of the people that you tell your problems to, can’t help you and don’t give a damn? The other half are secretly happy that you have problems. I love the Facebook post about the person who has 2½ thousand Facebook friends, gets dozens of likes for every one of his posts but sits alone in the waiting room of the hospital when a family member goes down. The sad truth is that you only realize this when your back is against the wall. When you need help and support, but you have to stand alone.

Training, studying, grinding out results, is all exactly the same. You have to do it alone because what you build in the dark, what you build alone, cannot be attacked or taken away from you. No one cares whether you get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and push out that 5km or not. So, run hard every day anyway.  No one cares whether you study or not. So, study anyway. No one cares whether you pass. So, pass with fantastic grades anyway. No one really cares how hard you work and how much effort you put in so work harder anyway.

If you want people to care, succeed. Succeed in spite of them, succeed because of them, succeed to show them, succeed to beat them, but succeed because YOU care.

When you are working hard, trying hard, putting in the effort, people will judge you and laugh at you. They will ridicule you, and speak behind your back, but when you succeed, they will praise you and ask for your advice. So, stop making excuses and telling me your problems – no one cares, so work harder.



  • You will never truly make it, if you worry what other people think.
  • If you Wanna find somebody who cares-look in the mirror. If that person doesn’t care, you’re F’ed.
  • Always be the hardest working person in the room.
  • Work hard, until hard becomes easy.
  • Don’t bitch, whine, moan or complain; just shut your mouth and work harder.
  • If it isn’t working, change it, and work harder.
  • You don’t need to study at Harvard, you can employ people who did, if you work harder.
  • If you want to be powerful in life, educate yourself, and work harder.
  • Stop worrying what other people are saying, doing or whether they care or not, focus on you, and work hard.
  • The secret to success really is quite simple, hard work, long hours, never giving up and not worrying what others are doing or thinking.




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  1. Lida Ezendam says:

    Thank you Gavin. This message is so valuable!!

  2. Kathy says:

    Love this! Absolutely 200 percent! Keep up the amazing content !

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Gavin, thankyou very much for the message…I needed to read this, this morning, Im a Top Producing Agent…I also have good style in the way I dress…but every other day at my office, the same 5 female agents say horrible things to me gossip about me, which really hurts, but enough of that, ive been doing my best to ignore them, which does help….Your post this morning felt like it was addressed to me, im going to apply this in work routine….Thankyou xx

  4. P Kutama says:

    I needed this !

  5. Matlou Maesela says:

    I needed to hear this.
    Nobody cares about my setbacks and challenges.
    I need to bring solutions to the table not problems.

  6. Kenda says:

    Awesome, as always.

  7. Eugene Maree says:

    Thank you Gavin for reminding me whats important and whats not. Hope you have a lovely day.

  8. Sonja Sansom says:

    Hash but very true words spoken…….

  9. Dieter says:

    Sound advice!

  10. Rob Matthews says:

    Gavin, as always you are a breath of fresh air.

    Too many of us will find reasons why we cant achieve or who held us back.

    Great letter

  11. Yolande Whare says:

    Wow Gavin, truer words….
    Love the directness

  12. Vicky says:

    Thank you Gavin

    You are the only one who can tell me this,

    Powerful message

  13. Janet Masson says:

    Thanks Gav, perfect advice and so true.

  14. Frank Opperman says:

    Thank you

    I loved it, made my day.


  15. Lesley Boyle says:

    Thanks Gavin – so true – love it !

  16. Mark Liddy says:

    Great message. People worry too much about what others think and end up doing nothing.

  17. Eva Jansen says:

    Gavin from down under where everyone is so PC, you are a breath of fresh air!! – Thank You! Wonderful advice – LOve it!

  18. Brenda Johnston says:

    We know this but need to be reminded. Thank you for reminding me . It is absolutely so true.

  19. Johanna Booysen says:

    This message is meant for me and it is just what I needed to hear today! Thanks Gavin

  20. Hilton Greeff says:

    you are so right… and the sad part about it is we all know but keep saying it and then we mentally cannot get that stupid negative anchor out of our flipping minds, and in doing so we pass this onto others so that they too become SNIOPS

  21. SIAN says:

    Great piece of advice and perspective thanks Gavin!

  22. Judy says:

    Spot on Gavin. Reality check 101.
    Gonna share on fb.

  23. Leanne says:

    Thank you for this powerful message. Your honest truth is refreshing.

  24. Jacques de Villiers says:

    Definitely resonates. Thank you.

  25. m says:

    Some sound advise. Would love to follow you on FB but cannot add you as a friend – you seem to have maxed out!

    • Gavin Sharples says:

      Sorry ? just “like” the Gavin Sharples Direct page.

  26. jaco says:

    A very strong “left-brainer” message – I love it.

  27. Tracey says:


  28. Obakeng says:

    What a painful truth! Thank you Gavin, you are always a refresher

  29. Amelia Sequeira says:

    Love it! Hits the nail on the head.
    Onwards and Upwards.

  30. Gesina says:

    You are a wize man, indeed , Gav ! I just love your newsletters !

  31. Bridge Gutzeit says:

    So glad to be added to your mailing list. I can just tell that I am going to love, think about and hopefully act on much of what you say. Thank you Gavin, I love my work and I’m sure I’m often ridiculed for working hard/being a nerd… I will wear the badges proudly going forward!

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