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May 22, 2020
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July 28, 2020




I think I  nailed it when I said, “Stop giving useless, stupid, non-relevant  k#k advice just so you can market or feel good about yourself.”




So, I’m scrolling my Facebook feed, and someone asks a legitimate heartfelt question “Please do not judge or jump to conclusions but I really need to know what someone can do if they have lost their job, have no income, cannot claim from a relief fund or UIF”.  An extremely scary and real situation to be in. I notice quite a few comments but instead of practical, real help or advice everyone turns into a motivational speaker. “Only the Strong survive, keep going!”, “When I cycle and I hit a hill I dig deep and I know that the pain won’t last, stay strong!” , “Tough times don’t last …”

…..and on, and on. I know some people will say that they are just trying to encourage and make the person feel heard. But I don’t really think that’s what he was asking for, his post didn’t say “I’m looking for encouragement and upliftment please would you talk a whole lot of k#k to me by using outdated, non-practical, stupid, cliché’s because that’s what I really need now. I don’t have enough motivational one liner’s so please gimme yours and if you can throw in the Star Fish story, that would really help”. Is he going to walk into the grocery store with, “only the strong survive”, written on a piece of paper and hand it to the cashier?  Really? Shut up!

On another feed, I was sent an advertisement for a webinar (the absolute flavour of the Covid Lockdown) promising no clichés or irrelevant motivational one-liners, only practical hard-hitting advice and strategies to not only help you survive, but thrive during lockdown! Naturally my BS radar was put on high alert. This I had to see. These gurus clearly know more than anybody else in the world. They must have years of experience in dealing with a pandemic the world has never seen before with consequences no-one has ever seen, knows or understand, YET these modern-day Nostradamus’ guaranteed that they had the answers. This I had to see, so I tuned in.

I can never get that time back again. The first speaker said nothing other than all the negative stuff that he had regurgitated from news channels. He even put up a graph from the black plague, I’m talking cutting edge google research here! The second “expert” was clearly in a world of pain about his own business and advised everyone to literally, dig a bunker, much like in the First World War (he actually had a picture of soldiers in a bunker in the First World War).  His advice, was to cut all costs, get rid of all staff and try and survive.

Here is a practical idea – Shut up! If you don’t know what you are talking about, if you cannot read, and understand what the person in the post is actually asking, just shut up! Challenging times are not opportunities to market or brand position yourself. Giving people slogans or cr4p advice when they are really hurting is cruel. Promising to solve problems in industries you know nothing about, if they buy your hastily name changed book from, “Bullet Proofing your Business in a Recession” to “Bullet Proofing your Business during Covid”, seems … disingenuous and opportunistic at best and just plain sad at worst.





  1. If you don’t have practical, achievable solutions rather shut up.
  2. If you want to run a webinar, give people exactly what it says on the box.
  3. It follows then that you should be very careful what you advertise on the outside of the box.
  4. When people post that they are hurting, send them a direct message or hell, pick up the telephone and call them.
  5. Some of the most pressing real problems people have today are cash, health issues and loneliness. “I have lost my job, what do I do?” directly translated means; where can I get money? If you have an answer, if you have cash to give, if you know of where cash can be found, let your thumbs loose on the post, otherwise shut up!
  6. If the person has health issues and you are not a doctor or medically trained or haven’t had that exact issue yourself where you have found a solution, shut up!
  7. If someone is lonely and needs to connect; Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Microsoft Meet, Google Chat, WhatsApp, SMS or send a pigeon, otherwise shut up!

You know exactly why you have received this today. You’re welcome!

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  1. Judy Hofer says:

    Tks Gavin. There is so much useless and repetitive advice being spread around. Judy hofer.

  2. Amelia Sequeira says:

    Thank you for direct and to the point message. Always enjoy it.

  3. JP du Plooy says:


    Thanks for the good chuckle this morning!

    Exactly what I needed to keep going for today

  4. Jacques says:

    Spot on as per usual. Hope you are well.

  5. Billy Selekane says:

    I laughed till I dropped from my chair … its been a shark infested sea out there … over night books about how to COVID PROOF your business , really is this the 2nd time we experience the pandemic such that you now have a formula at hand … its exceptionally tough and people really don’t want your ego , they need practical advice , advice they can use now to deal with real life issues … so I agree , over night online is flooded with these ” quasi experts ” …

  6. Sharon Nortje says:

    Oh yes!! So true. Can’t move without another webinar, book and movie that will make the world right again! Saying it like it is, thanks Gavin.

  7. Edwin G says:

    Good day Gavin,
    Frightening stuff, almost too real.
    He could try to do deliveries from various food outlets, If he has a car, or bike, He would have to sell himself obviously.
    I would hold a board at street corner during peak hours Ï DON’T NEED A HANDOUT, I DON’T NEED FOOD, …….I NEED A JOB” regardless if i needed food or money, i am sure someone could short time help’,
    Cold stores unpack containers daily with casual staff try there speak to cold store managers, “hard work, But reliable people are needed? These options would be intended to short term help buy food .
    My heart goes out to these guys if i have any more ideas i will write you.
    Kind regards

  8. tanya says:

    so awesome, thank you

  9. Alan Rock says:

    Well Done Gav

    Excellent article right to the point as always

  10. Baboo Mayet says:

    Absolutely awesome, you have nailed.

  11. Larissa says:

    Hey Gavin ( and hello Sam)

    Oh had a good giggle about your latest newsletter.. only because it is SO true!

    Keep up your amazing work and motivational messages to help all of us (and especially those mindless motivational wannabees)




  12. Virginia says:

    You are the best. I remember an event i attended and off course you were the speaker. A day i will never forget. You make a difference in all of our lives.


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