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August 6, 2009
Nerds Rule, ok!
September 16, 2009

Did you know that we lose ¾ of our personality when we try to be like others? Or what about when we dress like others, go to places others go to, to be in, accepted, liked or part of the group.


Did you know that we lose ¾ of our personality when we try to be like others? Or what about when we dress like others, go to places others go to, to be in, accepted, liked or part of the group. Ever found yourself using words, phrases or sharing a point of view or opinion that “the in crowed” uses or has, respectively. How about all the real dumbos’ (should be read dumb oaks without the “k”) who think it’s cool to come to school and brag about how little studying they did for the exam. These clowns actually think that it is tough, cool or “happening’” to fail.

Most of our limitations that we have are placed there by the experiences we have had during our growing years and how we interpreted them. If as a child you were ever called, “stupid” or you thought you had a hereditary disease because your mother looked at you and said “you are thick, just like your father!” These experiences, if not managed or taken in the context in which they were intended will and do have a tremendous effect on your self-image. I recall being called a “mistake”, this was meant as a joke by my parents and should have told me more about them and their inability to control their hormones, then me, but I internalized it as, “I am a burden.” Some Psychologists say that we can get put down, judged, labeled or restricted up to 40 000 times before they go to school. It’s no wonder we have scholars wanting to fit in, be liked and  seeking approval of others.

Some are so desperate for attention that even negative attention will do. So, they don’t study, don’t try anything, and turn to smoking, drinking, disrespecting teachers and schoolmates. They push the limits of the “rules” to show how “brave” they are, when in fact they are trying desperately to hide that they are scared to death of the world, their lack of discipline and life in general.

On the other side of the same coin are those kids who have to over achieve, to be liked, loved and respected. So they never rock the boat and live lives of isolation from the “in” crowd, for fear of being rejected so always want to please. Rise above the limiting beliefs that have been placed on you by others and yourself. In other words get out of your own way!

How do I shine? Let Gavin Sharples tell you!

Too much of anything is not good. Dedicating yourself to studying 24-7-365 is not healthy for you physically, and your life and people skills will suck big time. This angle may get you a pocket protector, a bad hair cut, poor physic and a good paying job, (not guaranteed) but who are you going to share it with and who would want too?

Too little study will get you a life of taking orders from pencil necks, working for the bank (that will have to finance your life) and remember “gripping chicks”, “rawling”,  “drinking until you pass out”, and being a first team, “whatever” player means nothing in the real world.

The secret is to balance the two and be the best at both of them. Be yourself and give your best at whatever you do and you will probably become the person you where born to become. Never follow in other peoples footsteps, be your own person, respect yourself enough to listen to that little voice in your head and heart that tells you if a thing, event, or choice is “good or bad” for you. If you respect yourself others have to respect you. If you walk your own truth because it feels right to you, then walk that path even if it is lonely. Walking a new path is like that because you are creating your own style.

Listen always to those who care about you (probably only your parents – believe it or not). Don’t be different for the sake of being different or because you want to stand out from the crowd. The moment you are authentic, you are automatically different. Every time you try and fit in with others, trends, fashion or peer pressure you move away from yourself and the lonelier you become. This leaves me space for a final thought:

Knowledge is Power

I know you’ve heard it before but it really is true. No, this is not contradicting what I’ve already said. You gain life knowledge from many sources. Some from books, some from experiences, some from spiritual enlightenment but most of the real juicy and valuable ones come from within. Some people even call it your intuition. Get it? Your IN – TUITION, or inner teachings and knowledge. Balance all of them, live life to the fullest, study hard, apply yourself, never give up and happiness is yours.

Easy Hey!

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