Choose your clients!

I’ll never forget the shocked look on their faces after I had turned the meeting on its head when I said “I know you called the meeting and you think its all about you seeing if you can use me and if I fit, but what is actually happening is that I am actually checking you out to see if I want to work with you and…” (a big consulting firm).

I gave them one of my naughty smiles to lift the moment and then continued. I know times are tough and the concept of choosing your clients seems to only fit the people on top and who can afford to pick and choose their clients but it’s the exact crazy/different approach we need.

Imagine if you will, waking up every day, and only working with great customers and staff.

Imagine staff who you actually like and who you want to spend time with and visa versa.

Imagine your clients paid their accounts on time and were nice people.

Imagine a low maintenance client base that wanted to see you and appreciated what you did.

I decided years ago to choose the people I serve and who serve with me.  I go with my gut (it normally answers you in 5 words or less) as to whether I am going to spend my time, energy and resources on securing business with them and building a relationship.  I employ staff by asking myself – “Would I leave my children in the care of this person?” sobering thought! How many people do you currently employ who you can and will really trust with your kids? The counter argument is that business is business and a deal is a deal and beggars cannot be choosers and in tough times grab what you can and for a newly started operation with overheads, business is business and so on…

Good points all of them but what about the fact that 80% of all the overheads and hassles come from the clients who under-perform, bitch, moan and complain and make going to work every day a stressed, difficult pain that makes the entire staff live for the weekends.

I recently broke my own rule, my gut said NO, my morals and values said NO but my bottom line said ignore that and close the deal.  I did, I hated every minute and just last week the ‘relationship’ was mutually terminated.  I don’t believe you should grab it all and employ anyone.  Quality business with nice people is worth the wait.  There are far too many nice people around to be bothered with the high maintenances.

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