Nerds Rule, ok!

Rise and Shine!
September 11, 2009
September 18, 2009

Every school has got them – the nerds.  They always do their homework, never bunk and prefer to study for exams rather than raving with their friends.  Woosies!!

Nobody wants to be a nerd.  If you do well at your subjects, you tell people it was luck and that you didn’t even open a book…  Ja, right!!

Are nerds cool?  Beam yourself into the future and picture yourself as a 25 year old (I know it is hard to imagine being that old but try anyway) sitting at a rugby match.  Have a look around.

Remember the nerds at school?  They’re the ones sitting in the expensive suites, sipping tall cold ones whilst relaxing in super luxury.  And the guys who were the coolest at school – the ones who thought Sherlock Holmes was an estate agency and never took their studies seriously – will probably be sitting in the cheap seats, being squashed, pushed, smoked on and occasionally being punched at.

Most of the nerds will be the ones who passed matric and who go on to become businessmen or lawyers or managing directors after leaving university, technikon or college.  They drive nice cars and live in good suburbs.  They have respect and they like who they are.

Oh damn!  Sorry, gotta go – I’m seeing two ex jocks in a few minutes.  They’ve come to see me for a job…

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