Personal Change

It’s all about basics
November 17, 2009
STEP out of the BOX
March 26, 2010

What changes are you making in your personal life this year?

Here are a few changes that I hope will get those creative juices flowing.

  • Get organised – room by room, drawer by drawer & cupboard by cupboard
  • Get it Done – that one thing that you have been putting off
  • Do something different – change your slides, take a nap, wake up  earlier, run in the rain, ask her out, ask him out, ask for the order, say something, say nothing
  • Change – your mind about someone
  • Change – your opinion of someone/something
  • Change – your hairstyle
  • Change – your look, clothing, image
  • Change – your attitude
  • Change – your mind. Learn something new, discover something old
  • Be someone’s hero – Especially at home

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