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February 25, 2010
New business edge idea – JUST ANSWER THE BLOODY PHONE!
March 17, 2011

Step out, step up and step into the life you were meant to live.

Are you limiting your life with your self-imposed box? Black or white, fat or thin, male or female, Jewish or Muslim, rich or poor, employee or employer, mother or father.  Thank heavens there are some people who step out of their boxes – leaders, artists, musicians, authors and sometimes ordinary human beings who decided to take their own path rather than follow somebody else’s ideas of who they should be.

As anyone who has ever done anything great can tell you, to move forward you have to step out and do or say something that may make absolutely no sense to anyone but you.  Some people will claim you’re talking taking a leap of faith or that you’re daring, or even foolish.  But only rarely do you have to jump blindly.  By first turning a goal or an obstacle inside out – examining it from every angle – you’ll see that what you can do far outweighs what you can’t. And then you you’ll find that taking a risk doesn’t feel quite so risky.

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