It’s all about basics

It’s all about basics and basics are all about character
November 13, 2009
Personal Change
February 25, 2010

The problem we are facing is that due to a serious lack of parenting people cannot and do not even get the basics right.  Instead of sending your team or yourself on yet another pointless, involved, way-too-long, trainign course or initiative, try getting your staff or yourself to…

  • Answer the phone! Yes sparky, the thing making a noise on your desk!
  • Answer the phone and know your job. Dah!
  • Answer the phone, know your job, and actually help the customer. What a concept!
  • Return phone calls. Novel idea I know!
  • Call people back. For the ice-cream people!
  • Pitch up. How else are you going to get the business?
  • Be on time. When you are late you insult the people waiting!
  • Do the bloody job you are being paid to do. Wow! What an idea!
  • Keep your word. In a world of lies and deceit, this one will bullet proof your business or job.
  • Deliver what you said you would deliver. Don’t over deliver or under promise – just deliver.
  • Do as you are told. Thinking out of the box is over rated. Do what you are bloody told, and if you don’t like it, pack your bags and (bad word)!
  • Do it right the first time. If you can’t, leave, and if you don’t – pay for your mistake.
  • Take ownership. That means it is your problem!
  • Communicate and share knowledge and information with each other. Stop working in silo’s.
  • Change your attitude and the world will change it’s attitude towards you. If your attitude sucks, you are part of the problem!

I really could go on and on….but I think by now you get the point.  Is’nt it amazing though how we excuse the basics by labelling them as cliches?

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