It’s all about basics and basics are all about character

The difference a Daddy makes
November 11, 2009
It’s all about basics
November 17, 2009

The list of teh programs, courses, training and wasteful useless initiatives that companies will spend money on is endless and boggles the mind!

NLP, strategic management, basic management, key account management, change management, diversity management, time management, project management, sales management, the new advanced management, mentorship programmes, customer centric initiatives, fast track to optimum operations, sensitivity training, technical training, soft skills training….the list is endless!!

It always amazes me how, after all these training courses, service still sucks, sales are still lost, staff are still unhappy and there is no improvement in results.  The bottom line or customer retention and satisfaction remains constant – with improvement.

After all of these programmes we seem to be left with a bunch of certified, overpaid, incompetent idiots.  Useless, faceless individuals who not only do not perform but generally kill everything they touch.

Let’s start teaching character.  How do you teach character? You teach it by example.  You teach it by being a person of character and showing the results.  Let Gavin Sharples get the results you want!

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