This is probably the most important, biggest lesson I have ever learnt or written about!

May 26, 2013
It’s because I was raised RIGHT!
September 2, 2013

Now you have the option to READ it or WATCH it

The biggest problem facing the world today is not crime, pollution or global warming. It is not poor policing, lack of service delivery and bad leadership. It’s actually the root cause of all of the above. It’s poor self-image!

You can trace most if not all non-serving behavior to people having a poor self-image.

Imagine if you will, having champagne glass type containers inside your head. All are stacked like a typical champagne glass pyramid and they are labeled individually – “like”, “love”, “acceptance”, “respect”, and “recognition”. Together these make up what we call self-image.  The levels of the containers will determine your self-image and character. The fuller they are, the better your self-image, the emptier they are, the poorer your self-image and character. When the containers are full they cascade down the pyramid. In other words every time someone says, “I love you” the input-juice is put into the “love” container and when it is full it will spill over and cascade down beginning to fill the glass underneath it, the “acceptance” container, then the “respect” container and so on.

Most people get their containers filled by other people. They get their daily dose of like, love, respect and acceptance externally – from others. They go through life living on the compliments and recognition that other people dish their way. “Well done”, “nice”, “good job”, “I love you”, “you’re pretty”, are the lifeblood of externally powered people. It is however a false power that is subject to the whims, moods and opinions of others.

Every compliment, gesture or acknowledgement becomes survival fuel. As long as compliments, acceptance, acknowledgements, recognition, respect, status and love are dished out, they feel happy about themselves, be it ever so ephemeral. They begin to need external recognition, money, fame, acknowledgement, brands, logos, in places, addresses, titles, parking spaces, names on letterheads or doors, invites, massive over the top materialism, and famous connections to make them feel worthy.

It is however an empty existence and a false sense of self-worth. How can it be self-worth when they continuously wait for other people or things to tell them their worth? The self does not feel that it has any worth because none of the juice is from the self. Read that again, it’s pretty good. On a deeper level people know this, and try to hide their insecurities behind masks of success, happiness and control (Facebook) when deep down their biggest fear is that one day someone will discover their emptiness inside. They live day-to-day hoping Mr. or Mrs. Delivery will deliver this self-image.

The hardest thing to hide is the stuff that’s just not there. The emptiness or void leads to greed, violence, anger, frustration and non-serving activities.

Some people don’t even get external worth from others and their containers remain fairly empty. They find it hard to get love and even harder to give love, acceptance or respect. How can you give that which you do not have? If you don’t like, love, accept, or respect yourself, then it follows that no one can like, love, accept or respect you. And you will find it virtually impossible to like, love, accept or respect others.

It all stops when you begin to understand that YOU have to fill your own containers every day. YOU have to build and fill your self-image and character containers yourself from the inside out.

So ….

  • How do you fill your own self-image containers?
  • How do you build your own character and live a life of freedom from the needs and issues of others?

Two words: SELF TRUST

Imagine again the stack of champagne glasses neatly arranged but this time with a single trust glass on top.

  • You see when you keep your word with yourself, you like yourself.
  • When you like yourself long enough because you trust yourself, you learn to love yourself.
  • Once your love container is full you learn to accept yourself.
  • Once you accept yourself long enough and your acceptance container is full, you learn to respect yourself.
  • With self-respect comes self-recognition and then you have self-worth.


Contrast this self-built and filled person with those who get “like”, “love”, “acceptance” and “respect” externally.

These people are easily loved, liked, accepted and respected because they are (their containers) so full of love and acceptance, that they find it easy to love without condition or need for reciprocity. They respect other opinions and points of view, because they have self-respect and when other opinions differ from theirs, they know it cannot diminish them or their beliefs. They fill their own self-image containers every day and when they get external love, like, acceptance, respect and recognition it’s merely a humble bonus.

It all starts with SELF-TRUST and living by the saying “I said it! I did it!”

When you keep your personal commitments no matter how small you build your character.

When you keep your promises and commitments to others you build your brand and your reputation.

It’s important therefore to stick to your diet not because of the physical benefits, but because of the character building it takes to do so. So no matter what  – you must complete the to-do list, keep your appointments, send the e-mail, make the calls, spend the time and never-ever have to make excuses for anything you said you would do but didn’t. Be on time, deliver, pitch up, do it, and see how your life changes.

“I said it! I did it!” Is the most powerful word combination ever put together, if you live it!

  • Get your kids to keep their promises and commitments and you will raise champions.
  • Keep your promises and you will have relationships that will last and serve you forever.
  • Keep your promises at work and in your business and success is yours.
  • Keep your own promises and every small commitment and you will be a person of character and personal power.

All you have to remember is …. 

this is probably the most important 03

Well, I said that I would write this – and so now it’s done!

Have a great month and always keep your word, especially to yourself!

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