It’s because I was raised RIGHT!

This is probably the most important, biggest lesson I have ever learnt or written about!
August 2, 2013
Rain Man
October 2, 2013

Maybe it’s just me, but has everyone gone bonkers and forgotten how to co-exist with other human beings.  Now I’m not talking here about religious tolerance or politics.  I’m talking about these bloody idiots I encounter every day who seem to have missed the upbringing lessons of basic etiquette and manners.

If someone lets you into a lane – say thank you ! When I drive, I pass on the right, but I keep to the left hand lanes. I don’t drive 60 in the fast lane on my bloody phone ! If I open a door for you sweetheart – have the common decency to say thank you !

What is it with waiters who walk away without as much as a grunt after I’ve tipped  them R10.00 of my own hard-earned money, for a service that’s actually fully included and is a part of the package at any Mugg&Bean.  I don’t have to give you squat my friend!  I’m paying “R10000” for a cup of coffee and a muffin, because the owner thinks perhaps I shouldn’t have to fetch it myself.  When I leave you my change, be appreciative – show some bloody manners and say thank you.  And all you ex-waiters don’t you dare lecture me on how little waiters get paid, if anything, and that they have to deal with unfriendly patrons and on and on and on.  Hey, find another job then and don’t make your problems mine.  I give you money – you say thank you.

You see I was raised right and I have manners – I say please and thank you. I was taught to respect people who are older than me until they show me they don’t deserve it. I was taught to hold a door for a lady. To speak when I’m spoken to.

I was taught to not be a glutton and to only dish up a reasonable portion of food on my plate and never to ask for more.  Not to pack my plate as high as a council tender and even stick food in my backpack or satchel because the company’s paying for it – really!

I was taught that it is good manners to consider other people – so, I turn my phone off in the movies,  I don’t kick the chair in front of me, I don’t talk throughout a movie and I make sure my kids behave themselves.   For that matter, I make sure my kids are accompanied to the Mall so their behaviour is checked and I – or another adult – am close by for assistance.  The Mall does not babysit my kids.

I cover my privates at the gym change-rooms because I think it’s bad manners to flap my junk in people’s faces.  You see I was raised right and taught manners.  I promise you buddy, no one else wants to see your shrivelled up donkey shlong hiding amongst the grey flokati! Put your pants on !

I was taught to be grateful, to show respect and to never be in the way.

So I thank my clients after every gig in writing, I give gifts and try to be low maintenance when I work.  I do this because I was raised properly by old school parents who taught us – actually drilled into us – that in order for people to live and exist together, manners and respect for others was a law.

When someone asks my availability, I say thank you for thinking about me, even if I don’t get the work.  I thank my wife every day for being so efficient and for running our lives.  I thank my kids when they help around the house or do well at school.

I thank my friends for things they do and say and I thank God for my best friend, my heath, wealth, wisdom, love, joy and abundance every day.

They say that world peace starts at home, so does having manners and respect for other people.

So, to the rude individual who talked down to the guard at the Birchwood the other day, to the CFO who belittled his secretary in front of the group, to the guys who seem unable to return the weights they use in the gym every fricken time, remember this piece of wisdom, sent to me by my very wise, well-mannered friend Imran, just the other day.

“With good manners, you will understand knowledge. With knowledge, you will correct your actions. With actions, you will attain wisdom.” A quote by Sheikh Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi

Thank you for reading this rant.

Thank you for any comments you may or may not make back to me.

Thank you for joining my database.

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