Finally the Kre8tive Disruptors’ time has come

Don’t be scared of the dark!
March 20, 2020
Stop Complaining!
May 21, 2020



Some clever person nailed it when they said, “The Kre8tive people shall inherit the earth”




Calling all Change agents, Innovators and Kre8tors. It’s now finally our time to shine. It’s CHINKing time!

I think Einstein may have said, “a single idea will change the world”, and man, do we need ideas on how to go forward now. The great news is that there are thousands of active, right brain thinkers out there, and our time has come.

For centuries the intellectuals, left brainers, rule followers, frightened, comfort zoned and politicians (lazy, egocentric, populists of left brainers) have been running the world.

The Kre8tors, Innovators and Change disciples (the disrupters) with the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon were used as a conference “anecdote“ to try and imply that their company was “out the box thinkers”, yet only to have staff return to work after the “Change Conference” to exactly the same rules, limitations, reporting structures and corporate ass covering BS as there was before.

The artists, the different-thinkers, and non-conformists were used as entertainment, they were not respected because they didn’t have title with a couple of letters behind their name, play golf or belong to a cycle club.

Change has up until now, only been a conference theme or necessity when share prices dropped. And the most daring change initiative the average corporate came up with (in tough times previously) was to “restructure the workforce”, or in hard English – fire people and cut costs! Wow, Mr. Middle/Senior manager, what amazing out the box thinking – getting rid of trained people, the very people who actually have the ideas to fix the company. All they need is a Kre8tive, left brain, leader to tap into their genius. (READ THAT AGAIN!)

Thinking and acting outside the box is no longer a cute cocktail one liner or conference “theme”, it is the only option, the only strategic business imperative. It is the only asset left to sweat, and it is the only competitive advantage for survival and sustainability. Just thought I’d drop in some right brained MBA corporate bingo words there, to unlock the training budgets of gullible, managers who are seduced by big words. But heaven help the person with a simple, different, practical idea because well, it’s different!

It is the time for all the self-starters, entrepreneurs, disrupters, and people who have been stuck because of red tape, bureaucracy, outdated rules, monopolies and scared leaders. CV19 has forced us to no longer talk about CHINKING but has set the platform on fire and in many cases has left us no option but to JUMP.

For 26 years I have been screaming on stages, bored-rooms (no spelling error), at conferences and team builds that we need to CHANGE, INNOVATE and Re-Kre8 the fundamental way we live and do business.




  1. We need to INNOVATE almost every aspect of our lives. We need to Kre8 new products, services, solutions, policies and procedures.
  2. We need to IN-ovate (like renovate), ourselves, our thinking, expectations, habits, schedules and priorities, inside our families, and inside our companies.
  3. It is officially the time for, as Rob Siltanen called them, “the crazy ones, misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently”. You need to call on and pay handsomely the weirdo’s, who wear 2 different colour shoes, write poetry or paint portraits with their pen-is’s. Let see if that gets through your spam filter and if you actually read up to here.
  4. We need to call upon the SECTION 8 people, the MAD – not because they are crazy, but because they May Act Differently and Make A Difference. Yes, the same people you have judged, laughed at, scorned, marginalized and ridiculed because they dared to live with less, plan for rainy days, follow their dreams, go without, not knowing where their next rand would come from, and if the kids report cards would be released because there was no money for school fees, only for rent and food. But they were following a dream to create a company, to start a movement or just wake up every day not being a slave to mindless consumerism, ego and profit at the expense of the weak and the planet. Finally everyone has got to listen now. Finally the Kre8tive Disruptors time has come.
  5. I call upon all Section 8 CHINKers to come together, not only to save our world but help ignite the Kre8tive spirit in others. It’s time for Kre8tive conferences, workshops, and meetings with practical, smart solutions.

So, if you are like me, (I’ve been doing this for a quarter of a century) and you have the tools to help people recover, rebuild and thrive, join me, join us, as we reinvent the now.

15 years ago I said that people should be paid to work, and not to go to work, they laughed at me, they lifted their noses, signed a new lease and ordered the utilities and office furniture. I’m not gonna say I told you so but … I KINDA DID …. TELL YOU SO!

You know exactly why you have received this today. Yoooooouuuuuuuu’re WELCOME!!!!!!

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  1. Amelia Sequeira says:

    Most definitely. Life as we knew it is gone. It is time for the NEW….

  2. Michelle da Fonseca says:

    I believe that since we are made in the image of God – the ultimate “Creative” who designed and made everything of beauty on earth – we inherently have a creative streak in everyone one of us. Sadly, for the most part, over time this has been “trained” out of us.
    Wouldn’t it be great to not only change ALL school curriculums to deliberately give equal focus to the creative & practical subjects, but also for ALL companies to provide compulsory Creative Training, much like they would health & safety, that would start by focusing on re-developing these creative abilities that may have been dormant for so long, trigger critical thinking and harness the diversity of skills & talents for true collaboration across roles and functions.

  3. Marion says:

    Brilliant article! Thank you for speaking out and being kre8tive!

  4. Don Barry says:

    Hello Gavin, this is great as always, please keep it up.
    YOU are very good at what you do.
    I am 71, still working at my own business and always motivated by your messages.
    Please keep them coming.
    Stay safe, well & happy.

  5. Lloyd Walker says:

    Brilliant write up Gav, thanks for sharing your views and insights

    Enough with the same menial corp rubbish, let the thinkers stand up and be counted!!!

  6. Hilton says:

    Hi Gavin.
    This is one I will keep in my archive and refer to regularly.
    Thank you.

  7. Bonita Nuttall says:

    Great read Gav!! :)

  8. Ronel Vermaak says:

    Hi Gav

    What an inspiring message today!
    The world as we know is, is gone….. time for the new!


  9. Sharon Nortje says:

    Morning Gavin
    Asolutely freaking awesome and even more so than usual! Gets the kre8tive juices flowing. Thank you for the much needed prompt.
    Keep you and yours safe.

  10. Murray says:

    As always you have a way of putting the obvious in a mind shifting humorous way.

    I remember when I was at your Sextion8 presentation…….M.A.D yes……I am glad to say, that due to that day I am in a position now, in this lockdown, to continue to be in business. Who would have thought that 9 years ago your perception would positively affect me now…LOL

  11. Jacqui Holmes says:

    Excellent! Really enjoyed this read. It’s so true. I am an artist & friends joke with me that I am nuts (or maybe they not joking :-)).
    My son is also very artistic & I have been telling him, “You will do something one day that doesn’t exist right now!! A job or activity that no-one has thought of yet.

    Thanks for sharing this. I have forwarded it to my son.

    It made my day!!

  12. Greg da Silva says:

    Great article Gavin. Yes those who don’t or won’t change will struggle. Your article is very inspiring and motivating. I have my two different shoes on and my mask upside down. Now to get moving…

  13. Tish says:

    Heyyy Gav … that’s so flipping true ! We’re chinking -:)

  14. Nhlanhla says:

    The world is changing we starting a new life.We looking forward to a new beginning after the lockdown.

  15. Moira says:

    Just LOVE this. tks Gavin! I created madness today. Instead of doing a lecture on products and markets and share prices I invited my financial advisors to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on Zoom. We shared matters of real concern, health, emotions, how to genuine care about our investors during this time. Everybody dropped their corporate masks and became real, and from this genuine space news ideas were born.

  16. Sandra Cockeran says:

    “The Kre8tive people shall inherit the earth”

    LOVED-LOVED-LOVED THIS ISSUE! Read it in ten seconds! Will be sharing with my team! Thank you!!!!!

  17. Roberta Joyce says:

    Gavin this one made me smile and think how right you are – keep pushing us please xx

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