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November 22, 2013
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November 25, 2013

In my business, the people business making or causing people to laugh and relax is key.  In fact, in my sales programmes and Action Result courses and keynotes, I preach the importance of sales people making their clients smile and laugh.

The more they laugh, the more they come back and the more they spend. People want to do business with happy people and people who make them smile.

In presenting and in stand-up comedy there is a measuring system called LPM’s or laughs per minute. The more LPM’s the better the result. Research has shown that if you can get a woman to laugh you stand a 87% chance of getting her into bed. I see a lot of woman just stop smiling.

Speaking of women my best buddy ran off with my wife! Man I miss my buddy!

Humour is about the set up and the shock. The set up tells a story of a potentially sad event. The pause gets you to think about a possible or a normal response. The shock is when “I miss my buddy!” People laugh at the unexpected. You’ve heard it all before. Laughter is the best medicine, someday we’ll laugh about this and it’s all true! All I say is why wait, let’s laugh about it now!

I have always found that if you can get people to laugh, they relax and then you are able to say almost anything to them and you can speak about issues which they usually consider taboo.

Ever noticed on a pack of condoms it says it’s electronically tested! How would you like to be that guy who gets to test that feature?

Sometimes you don’t need to make them laugh, just pay a genuine compliment and put a smile on their face. Try just smiling at someone and they will really have to smile back. The economic climate has hit my business as well. I sat my kids down and explained to them that due to tough times “I have to let one of you go!”

  • Keep smiling
  • Laugh a lot
  • Find the funny
  • Hang out with funny
  • Go see funny movies and shows
  • Most importantly, book a real seriously funny speaker to your event.

The study of laughter has its own name – it’s called Gelotology

When we laugh we:

  • Release stress and uncomfortable emotions that if held inside produce bio-chemical changes in the body
  • Release endorphins and cortisol (feel good chemical) that reduces stress and directly affect our immune system
  • Seem at ease and when we laugh at our problems we feel in control and superior
  • Increase our heart rate
  • Increase our breathing
  • Reduces levels of certain neuro-chemicals
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Activate natural killer cells that kill tumors and viruses

Humour –

  • Gives us a  different perspective on our problems
  • Perception is a whole brain activity and involves a balance of both hemispheres of the brain. (See technical, clinical explanation here)
  • People who laugh a lot are less likely to get sick
  • Laughing is equivalent to a good workout
  • Blood pressure is lowered and face, leg, back, stomach and chest muscles are worked out.

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