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August 24, 2014
January 23, 2015

So I have to confess; of the thousands of “friends” that I have on Facebook I purposefully un-follow most of them.

As soon as people start pushing their religion, products or mundane daily posts on “my son’s new Batman cape”, or “this is what I had for breakfast” I just un-follow them. For the rest of the “friends” however, who post inspirational, motivational and sometimes funny posts I look forward to their daily contributions.

Just the other day someone posted an article about the three magic words that, your wife would love to hear and that turns her into a love machine. I’m clearly paraphrasing now and taking from it what serves me, which I think is the point. I searched for ages to find the post again to give credit to the original author but it vanished. So to the individual who posted a related article about the 3 words which inspired me to write this – respect and thanks.

So what are the three words that will turn your wife, girlfriend, or companion into a love machine?

A lot of you may be thinking, as stated in the article, that it would be words like; I love you; I need you; you are beautiful; you’re my life; I respect you; and you would be right. However these 3 magic words encapsulate all of the above and more. The more I got to thinking about it the more I realized that these three words are not only relevant in a relationship but they are relevant in a friendship, in a business, in a family, and most importantly they are relevant if you wish to achieve anything worthwhile in your life.

3 magic words, if really meant and followed through will solve almost all business issues, leaving customers and business partners alike secure and feeling supported, appreciated and respected. Let me not drag this out anymore and tell you what they are:

The 3 Magic Words: “I’ve got this!”

These three simple words used together at almost any time during a relationship show that someone has got your back. They are words of confidence and quiet support. Words that no matter what you are going through – you know someone who cares about you will step forward look you in the eyes and say, “I’ve got this!”

By changing the first word from “I” to “we’ve”, the concept stays the same but the meaning alters. Even if a lot of the effort needs to be made by you, you know that someone is with you, “We’ve got this!”

Everyone, men and woman alike, need to know that they are not in this life experience alone. It’s always nice and comforting to know that when the chips are down in matters big or small that someone, a family member, a colleague or a friend will and can step forward when we are feeling insecure, overwhelmed or uncertain and take control by saying, “I’ve got this!”

We all need to know that we can depend on a person in our life. Women and children need to know that someone will and can step forward and take control of the situation. It’s a strong foundation, it’s backup, it’s security, it’s love, it’s giving your time, and it’s being there for her. It’s peace of mind. It basically makes a woman feel cared for and loved. The benefits of having a woman feeling this way – well boys – there are no words.

In a business or company when the wheels are coming off; deadlines are looming; deliveries are outstanding; people need to be collected; meetings held; invoicing done; conflicts resolved; and you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Just as you fear balls are going to be dropped and you are at your wits end, isn’t it cool when someone steps forward and says, “You go do what you need to, I’ve got this!”

On a real personal note, some of you may know that I lost my Dad to cancer at the end of July. It was an emotional and tough time. During the eulogy I looked at the congregation of people who gave their time to be there, I explained to them that they didn’t have to say anything but just by being there they had said it all. Some of them didn’t even know him but they were not there for him; they were there for me. Without a sound they stood next to me and said, “We’ve got this!”

I’ve got this! is a statement of power and confidence. It is arguably one of the most positive things you can say to yourself especially when the pressure is on and you need to perform. I use these three words as a mantra whenever I am speaking to scary audiences (teenager, children, engineers or accountants), or when I am in trouble with my wife (so you can now imagine how often I use it).

I used it when spoke to 800 black miners when I was one of only 10 white people in Palaborwa, or 250 Afrikaans farmers in Bloemfontein being the only “soutie” for miles. I use it when my teenage daughters have candid conversations about boys and sex, or my son is left on the bench for the whole basketball game. The most attractive characteristic a person can possess, ask any women, is a man with confidence. Men love confident woman. Aren’t we all aspiring to raise happy, confident kids? Believing and knowing that you have, “got this”, is the foundation of confidence.

Your Take Home –

The next time you are feeling less than confident, pull your shoulders back, lift your chin, and say to yourself, “I’ve got this!”

If you see her standing across the room and you are slightly uncertain or afraid to go over and speak to her just remember, “I’ve got this!”

When it is a big account and you are scared and nervous about the meeting. Prepare properly, know the benefits and keep repeating, “I’ve got this!”

When your wife is uncertain and afraid about something, hold her in your arms, look her in the eyes, then firmly and warmly say, “I’ve got this!”

When your son is afraid just before a big exam or game, or your daughter is uncertain about the test or the rowing trials just look them in the eye with belief and confidence and simply tell them, “We’ve got this!”

November is the final push before the December break and it is going to be tough but I know – “You’ve got this!”

If November and December are your busy months and you are gearing up for a tough time, put your head down, shoulders back and just say – “I’ve got this!”

Our country is going through tough times right now and its time for you / us, to step forward, stop complaining and focusing on what is not working. Focus, instead, on what is working, on what we can do about it and simply say, “We’ve got this!”

I look forward to your funny comment about situations in which “I’ve got this!” can be used seriously or with a fun undertone.

  • The doctor just before surgery – “I’ve got this!”
  • The caterer at the function with no starters – “I’ve got this!”
  • The Good Samaritan next to your broken down car – “I’ve got this!”
  • The bedroom door closes and she says – “I’ve got this!” (… And then points to a rash all over her legs)

Have a great November “You’ve got this!”

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