The research is in ! Happy staff make companies successful and profitable. The study of happiness has now reached the corporate world and in their relentless pursuit for profit, companies are now realizing that a happy workforce equates to a happy bottom line.

If you’ve ever wondered why certain companies have fantastic staff retention and the pick of top qualified CV’s from people wanting to work with them, then you need look no further than the happiness of their employees.

Happy staff are generally recruited by happy managers that are in turn brought on board by happy senior managers, owners or shareholders. A happy company attracts and retains happy customers and having happy customers is the holy grail of a profitable business.


  • The single biggest secret about happiness, a secret so profound it wipes away all excuses for being miserable.
  • We explore happiness in 3 areas. As an individual, as a team member, and in a department and we look at how to make a customer happy.
  • We unpack three key ideas on how to become a happier individual.
  • We look at the 4 key criteria for keeping staff happy.
  • We show staff what is required to have a happy manager.
  • We give you the 3 key ingredients to have a happy customer.
  • And we have lot of fun doing this and try to give the audience a happy experience. We get them to experience happy.


Aristotle said, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life. It is the whole aim and end of human existence”. Anybody and everybody in a business or not will benefit from understanding some of the key points to being happy.

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