Too Many Bloody Choices!

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August 1, 2012
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February 18, 2013

People talk about freedom of choice. Spiritual leaders speak of God’s greatest gift to mankind as being, “free will”, and the freedom to choose between good and evil. Sales and marketing departments around the world thrive on giving people choices.

Just ordering a cup of coffee can be a nerve wracking experience. “Instant, percolated or cappuccino?” “Normal, medium or mega size?” “Full cream, 2%, or fat-free?” “White sugar, brown sugar, sweetener or sucrose?” Sweetheart, just bring me a cup of coffee, the milk and sugar is on the table. I really couldn’t give a rats about the detail. I do understand the importance of choices but I sometimes think we take it a bit too far.


You are for all intents and purposes the exact weight that you choose to be based on what you choose to eat, and how much you choose to exercise and how you choose to look after your body!

Your finances are in the exact position you have chosen them to be based on how you choose to manage and control your spending, savings, and salary. The salary you chose to accept based on the educational and skills training you chose to complete and participate in. (people complain about what they earn but they accepted the salary in writing, they buy on credit and they waste money)!

You are probably in a relationship with the person you chose to be in a relationship with, and your relationship is in its current state, based on the choices you make everyday within the relationship (arranged marriages not included). Things you choose to do (or not to do) will determine the quality of the relationship. You choose to accept or not, certain behaviours, attitudes and actions of your partner, based on the payoff or consequences that you believe you get.

I have drummed and will continue to drum into my daughters the fact that the most important choice they will ever make in their entire lives is the person they choose to make a life with and father their children.

Don’t choose to marry the Jock! If he is a ladies man before you marry him, he’ll be a ladies man after you’ve married him.

Don’t choose to marry the alpha male, thug! If he solves his problems with his fists, one-day you’ll be his problem.

Don’t choose to marry the strong silent type especially if you believe communication is the backbone of a marriage. Get the point?

I tell my boy to marry wisely. Beauty fades, nagging is eternal, and no matter what, make sure her dad is rich, divorced and owns a bottle store.


Major choices seem to create more awareness because they are big decisions and we focus on them but we don’t seem to realise that today’s small choices effect and affect us as much as big ones. Small choices add up. Little fat every day adds up to big fat okay!

The way you speak to people, the food you put into your cake hole, the time spent in front of the TV, the tone of the e-mails, eye contact, pitching up, making the call, they all add up.

Everyday choices equal the current quality of our lives. Choose to waste money and not save, don’t insist on discounts and mismanage finances and the results will catch up.

Every situation comes with a choice. You can choose to do your job to the best of your ability or you can choose not too. Most choose to do only the bare minimum.

You can choose to exercise every other day or sit on your fat tush and tell people it’s hereditary or you are big boned.

You can choose to make wild, passionate, exciting, kinky love to your partner every day or you can choose to make excuses about being too busy.

You can choose to learn, study and improve your skills no matter what age, or you can choose to blame society and your company for your circumstances and slave wages (and then go and eat worms).

You can choose to believe in a bigger purpose, force or entity and believe that life has a purpose or you can choose to believe that nothing matters, no one cares and that you are all alone.

Choose what you will just please stop blaming Zuma, the ANC, the whites, the blacks, the coloureds, the opposition, the unions, your boss, the company, your mom, your dad, your upbringing or any other entity in order for you to justify thedecisions that you have made.

Oh! And not making a choice is in fact making a choice. When you don’t vote you actually vote for the status quo. Do you get that?   People, who don’t vote, vote for the ANC, good or bad – that’s what you do by not voting.

And before I get e-mails of protest from people detailing specific, horrific random and occasional bad luck and bad circumstances beyond your control – PLEASE DON’T! I am not talking about the exceptions to the rule, and there are – I am talking about life in general.

Now imagine a life without choices….

  • Imagine if we had no choices!
  • Imagine if there was no choice as to whether or not you would raise your children and provide for their every need.
  • Imagine if there was no choice as to whether or not you would support your parents in their old age.
  • Imagine if there was no choice to you having to exercise every day.
  • Imagine you were never given a choice as to how much money you need to save every month.
  • Imagine if there was no choice in having to learn something new everyday or improve on your skills everyday.
  • Imagine if crime was not a choice, hurting children was not an option; education was not something to be chosen.
  • Imagine where paying result achieving teachers well, was not a choice but a rule.

Get the point?

We use choices today as excuses for us not doing what we should be doing to improve our lives.  Or we choose what is easiest and quickest. The pie and coke is always tastier and easier than the tuna and salad!

Champions and successful people don’t have a choice. Their desire for success is so great that training is not a choice – itis a disciplined habit.  The devoted wife or husband wakes every single day and has no choice whether or not to make their partners happy (in other words, more moomfy moomfy ladies!). It is not a choice. It is a desire. It is a “want to”!They understand consequences and desire, cause and effect.  If he’s not eating at home he’s bound to go eat out!!!

The person hungry for success goes the extra mile not as a choice but as a habit and discipline. To choose anything else would make no sense and would not serve the purpose.

I think the greatest realisation is the fact that we have the right to choose, but we should give up that right to choose, in favour of choosing to do what is right! (Man that’s deep!)  We have the right to choose what works and serves us as individuals, as communities and as a nation.  (Call Zuma, I need an office, and a country credit card.)

Try and live a life based on ‘choice-less’ awareness for actions that serve you.

Happiness is a choice. The choice based on giving up any choice that does not serve. By choosing to give up choice for the choice of disciplined actions, we choose happiness and success.

Now I’m gonna find that deep prophetic pills I just took and flush the rest of them down the drain. …. now was that the red or the blue?


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