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March 2, 2012
If You want LOYALTY Get a Dog!
July 10, 2012

So some idiot in Cape Town, who happens to be a white male, decides he doesn’t like what the majority elected president zuma (I will type his name in small text as my protest mechanism, some use shower heads, others paint) is doing to the country, minorities, the rule of law, women, Christianity, honour, dignity, healthcare, police services, foreign policy, municipalities, the criminal justice system and basically every department, division, section, place, town, nook and cranny in our country.

 He decides to do a protest painting, or rather a series of paintings of protest. Unfortunately for him (and as it turns out us as well) he has a very limited imagination and clearly has male genitalia on his brain. So he copied a famous image of Stalin, attached zuma’s head and has his privates hanging out of his pants. Really? No Really!!!

That is the best most creative way this chop could come up with to depict a philandering, incompetent, polygamist? Really!

But no real biggy (pun intended) it’s an “arty-farty” tool in Cape Town selling his wares to foreigners with clearly no taste and too much money. But then … it is placed in a public gallery and this then enables black, elitist, political racism so surface. Let’s face it it’s always been there, it’s here every day, it’s just hidden behind words, denial and no response when challenged.

Politicians, self-serving black elite and have-not wannabies turn idiotic art into a racial attack. They do this by immediately calling all white South Africans racist. They bring up stories of every white person who ever so much as glanced unfavourably at a black person over the last 100 years and “paint” ALL white South Africans as racist. Really!

Many black columnists wax lyrical about past experiences and events and link the objection to polygamy to whitecolonialism. They say the painting depicts how white people see blacks as horny animals. They encourage and incite black people to take to the streets, to march, to boycott newspapers; they go to court and having no real legal grounds for the court action they “cry”, and again rehashing old wounds, they make these wounds the responsibility and liability of all white South Africans. They flood the newspapers with racist comments and attack all white people. Really! Only in Africababy!

I didn’t paint the picture and I didn’t hang it up and I have already explained how I feel about the “creative” effort in this piece, but no one even stopped to ask me first before calling me, my wife, my children, my family and my friends racists. How ignorant? How issue filled, hatred hearted and arrogant must you be to paint a nation of people racist, because of your limited experiences of the microcosm of the group. Isn’t it amazing how often normal, average, white South Africans are blamed, discriminated against and targeted almost every day in this country when they (we) (I) had nothing to do with it all? I also think that these individuals believe that we will, and should just, shut up and take it because this is Africa baby!

And what happened to all the actual perpetrators of apartheid, the actual white murderers, leaders and politicians who were the architects, engineers and executors of this heinous system?

They are granted amnesty (most of them), pardons and I kid you not, are given membership into the ANC! Do you get that? The actual guilty parties are pardoned, left alone and given positions in the ANC. In some cases ministerial positions are given but the innocent public at large are discriminated against and labelled racist. Hey, this is Africa baby!

Isn’t it funny that the first person to deface and destroy the painting was a white person? Oh, and I hope both parties – black and white – who destroyed the painting, are prosecuted for malicious damage to property. I hope they rot in jail and meet a whole bunch of people who use their “spears” in a totally different manner. It is my hope and wish that these individuals are sued by the owners and that they are made to pay to the extent that they lose their houses and all their possessions. I also hope that the guard who physically assaulted the black defacer is also dealt with for his use of violence to resolve an issue against a non violent individual. Why? Because they broke the law and there must be consequences. But they’ll probably get suspended sentences and walk away scot-free and why?Because this is Africa baby!

A painting is painted and the country goes into lock down, protests, marches, anger, columns in newspapers, boycotts,court cases and yet when babies die every day in hospitals because of incompetence, nepotism, racism, quotas, BEE, affirmative action – there are no protests, no marches, and no court challenges. Why? Because this is Africa baby!

When a black girl is gang raped by black boys while they record it on their cell phones, when white farmers are butchered, when three children are sexually assaulted and violated every hour in this country, no protests, no stay-away’s, no court cases. Why? Because this is Africa baby!

When billions of Rand are stolen, (misappropriated), nepotism, waste, tender rigging, and the tens of thousands of children starve every day, go without schools, books, teachers, discipline – no angry protests, stay-away’ s or taxpayers paid for court cases. Why? Because this is Africa baby!

When crime runs rampant and the elected government places incompetent criminals, (some already convicted, others still to be) into the police force as the bosses; When they openly recruit for blacks only and fill the ranks with mostly incompetent, incapable individuals whose only motivation to be a policeman is to get a basic salary; (Are there capable competent black policemen and women, of-course, but they are outnumbered by the rot). When they are so bad at what they do, they execute their own people with automatic weapons in their homes, gardens and during protest marches; when they have to try and disarm over 22,000 policemen and women because they are incompetent to use a firearm, are there protests, marches, court cases, boycotts or a change in government? Why? Because this is Africa baby!

But let one person paint another in a distasteful manner and that person happens to be a black person of the ruling elite, there is all hell to pay. Now the rub; according to a full page advert in the Times dated 3 June 2012, “1 painting, 9 lawyers, 18 hours in court, 96 spoofs of the painting, 187 front-page press articles, 216 breaking news TV stories, 360 hours of radio disputes, 6756 water cooler debates, 8120 blog posts made, 15,000 marchers, 30,595 e-mail sent, 196,830 You Tube views, 213,781 Google searches, 270,810 posts on Facebook, 325,987 mentions on twitter – for the last seven days it’s been child protection week in South Africa. Unfortunately no one noticed.” This is Africa baby!

When anyone speaks out about reverse racism or the actual issues, we are told if we don’t like it to leave.

Well, naaa!

I am not going to leave. I’m staying right here to fight. I will fight prejudice and racism. I’m going to fight against murder and rape. I am going to fight for minority groups especially my minority group because when I do, I am fighting for the fantastic majority who just want what I want! An opportunity to succeed and live a happy and peaceful life. I will stand on my mountain in this fantastic country and I will say I am proud to be a South African who happens to have a white skin! This does not automatically make me anti-black, Indian or Asian! Thinking that is just plain stupid!

It sounds all doom and gloom but I had an epiphany. What they do not report is that yesterday, today and probably tomorrow about 46 million South Africans of all colours and about 3 million or so illegal aliens, foreigners and “chancers”will interact, live, care, help, grow, and assist each other without fanfare or comment. Why? Because this is Africa baby!

In fact the overwhelming majority of South Africans, black and white, are too busy working and producing to be bothered with a painting. They are too busy trying to put food on the table, seeking out medical care for their children and families. Most South Africans immediately see the funny side and I overheard someone ask whether South African Rugby is going to revise the definition of a spear tackle?

I think, we as citizens of this country, have to understand that self-serving politicians and black racists (they do exist) will always play the race card because it is the only power they have to mobilise the ignorant masses. But, it is up to us caring loving South Africans, of all colours and creeds, to wake up every single day, to create jobs, to work and provide for our families, to try to respect and like all those we come into contact with as SOUTH AFRICANS. South African’s first – colour second.

I will continue to cross this beautiful country spreading news and ideas of hope and actions. I WILL SPEAK OUT against discrimination by shining light onto the issues, with love and laughter. And on the days when I am discriminated against by the minority of black racists I will stand up and say it is not right and I will not go quietly into the night. It is not legal it is not fair and it is not just.

You see some black and white pseudo intellectuals like to hear the sound of their own jaundiced, black plagued beliefs and unfortunately they have a media outlet to spew their crap using double score Scrabble words. It is nothing short of intellectual masturbation by politicians and self-serving hatred filled racists who open wounds of our past committed by the minority. Why? Because this is Africa baby!

Robin Williams in receiving his Icon of Comedy award ended off with, and has a fantastic saying that he lives by, ‘illegitimi non carborundum’, or “don’t let the bastards grind you down!” There are too many good people and good things in this country! Try focus on them; do your best; stand up for what you believe in and don’t let the bastards grind you down. This is Africa baby, it’s not for sissies!

Have a great month !


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