July 16, 2018
September 9, 2018

When God made man, she stood back and said “I was only joking, let me do a proper job!” and then she made a woman.

I really do believe that women are gifts from God and this month’s opinion piece is for all you amazing women. Especially for the women who have not only been a part of my life but for all who have directly or indirectly helped to mould me and build me into the man I am today.

They say your first female relationship is with your mother, and I was and still am blessed to have a strong, loving mom.  I knew this remarkable woman was always in my corner no matter what I did or didn’t do. As long as she knew the truth, right or wrong, she would back me and fight for me to the end. She taught me that women were to be respected and advised me that the most important thing to look for in a woman was, “as long as she is a good mother Gavy, nothing else matters.”

Looking back, I realize that my life has been blessed with wonderful women. Some have been with me from the start, some stayed a few years and some just made guest appearances; enough to touch my life and teach me a lesson or just show me to myself. Each one leaving an indelible print on my character and dare I say “success”. It was women who taught me how to love and be loved.

It was a young woman who broke my heart at 16 causing me to feel true heart-break and the feeling that it was “all over” and “I’ll never love again; because she was the one!” 6 months later I was, “loving”, again stronger and wiser. I learnt that hurt heals and broken hearts mend.

Most of my teachers at school were women and they schooled me, disciplined me and some even found me “charming”.

I learnt about a woman’s body and how to treat it from one of the kindest woman in the world.

The lessons and gifts came thick and fast and women taught me about commitment, dedication, trust and loyalty. It was a woman who taught me to look for the good in people because what you seek you will find; that “might” wasn’t always right; that being my authentic self was the turn on; and that kindness and understanding were a strength not a weakness.

Women showed me that friendships could be platonic. They showed me how to love, laugh and sometimes they even made me cry. I learnt respect, tenderness, integrity and trust. It was from a woman that I learnt the power of a hug; and the difference between a hug and a “cuddle”.

Paraphrasing and improving here on Clark Gable’s saying; “When I was a boy I tried to make love like a man, when I was a man I tried to make love like a boy, it wasn’t until I met a real woman that I learnt to make love like a lover.”

I learnt that women are no different to men in many respects but very different in others. They love to laughhave a good time, they are spontaneous and they can be naughtier than men. They are different in that they bring a feminine energy that, when understood, makes them irresistible and frustrating; lovable and sometimes infuriating. The crazy thing is, that it’s all part of the magnificent package that is the feminine energy.

There were women who lied to me, betrayed me, hurt me, broke my heart and one in particular who could unlock my buttons and pi$$ me off so bad that I would have nuclear melt-downs. Each lesson made me stronger and wiser, and I wouldn’t go back to change a thing.

I also (unintentionally) broke a heart or two, and I witnessed first-hand the pain and anger I could cause when I was less than a Real Man. To them, again, I am so sorry.  Please forgive me for I knew not what I was doing. Wow, I think I just paraphrased a Bible passage there.

From aunts, to grannies, other people’s mothers, friends’ sisters, family friends, girlfriends, work colleagues, associates, strangers and then some, I THANK YOU each and every one.

It was a woman who gave me my start in the speaking world and another who opened the flood gates for my career. Today my company and my daily life is run by … Wonder Woman.

In short; I love women. I think you are the glue that holds this mad world together. I love you short or tall, thin (not so much), medium or fat. Yes!“Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round!”. I love you when you talk and babble, I love you when you don’t. I love you when you are intellectual or sociable or just fun. I like you older, middle-aged or young. My daughters are still teaching me and showing me how to be a better man, and I have now learnt and felt unconditional love because of the love of my two girls and my wife.

I think you are all, and have all, been a gift from God and you should be protected, honoured and loved.

It’s Time! It’s time for women to take their rightful place in this country and all aspects of it. It’s time you started putting pressure on men to step up and do what is right. Women are powerful beyond belief and it is time you recognize that and started using your power.

Every crime committed against women in this country is not just a crime against women it’s a crime against someone’s daughter, sister, mother, aunt or grandmother and it’s time women said enough. Men have systematically stuffed up this world since anyone can remember.

We need more oestrogen in business and politics today. We have far too much testosterone. Women should make policies about women, and men should butt-out and stop making laws related to women and their bodies.

Hey buddy, until you have bonded, nourished, grown and pushed a little human or two into the world through a channel the size of your IQ; until you stick around and feed, bond, love, educate and provide for that child through it’s whole childhood, only then mister can open your “wham, bam, run away Ma ’m” mouth. Then and only then can you have a say; you sanctimonious hypocrite! I feel better now!

Ladies, women, and girls YOU ROCK! I love and admire you all, and I think having only a day a year to celebrate your wonderfulness is just plain not enough. Have a fantastic month ladies, and remember your power and your purpose. To all the girls who have loved me before, to all who have come and gone but especially to those still making my life a blessed journey, to you one and all, I give thanks to you and to GodShe must really like me!

Have a great Woman’s month!






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  1. Sam Joubert says:

    That was well said Gavin and might i add…..woman caused all of us to live

  2. Lucille Maujean says:

    Thank you again, Gavin. It is really wonderful to hear such a successful and funny guy, sing such wonderful praise of women. Thanks also to the amazing woman who taught you all that – your Mum. I read a lot of your messages to my son (12 Years) and hope he learns some of your wisdom.
    Have a fabulous month yourself.

  3. Nita Jeram says:

    This is great. Thank you !

  4. Cassandra says:

    Thank you Gavin, you inspire me. May God continue to bless you, your wife and your daughters

  5. Gerda Kotze says:

    Love this !

  6. Izabella says:

    Wow … that is some newsletter !

  7. Patricia Monk says:

    WOW WOW???

  8. Tilly P says:

    I dont want to be equal to a man but I want to be the best version of myself!!

  9. Puleng says:

    Morning Gavin

    We cannot refer to God as “she” but as “He” :-)


  10. Tayyibah says:

    Well said Gavin ?thank yoo so much yoo also rock!?

  11. Rani Naidoo says:

    Hi Gavin

    Thanks for truly identifying the women’s worth in this world, much appreciated.
    Always feel so motivated when I receive your mail.

    Have an awesome day.

  12. Yolanda says:

    Gavin, you rock as a man in our crazy upside down world.

    The amazing women in your life is blessed to have you in theirs.

  13. Stuart Allen says:

    Very true, good article. My wife and daughters have taught me so much.

  14. Karen King says:

    Awesome and proud to be a woman!

  15. Cecilia van Wyk says:

    What an awesome read thanks Gavin as always really enjoyed.

    From a fat bottomed woman :)

  16. Allison says:

    You rock Gavin!

  17. Karen Otto says:

    Thank you GAV!!

  18. Veronica Schutte says:

    WOW Gavin u said it all. So many men can learn from this.. it all starts with their relationship with their Mum. If a man treats his Mum with love and respect, he will be an amazing man

  19. Karin says:

    nothing sexier than a man who adores women!

  20. Ruth Demane says:

    Thanks you really know how to make my day

  21. Ethel says:

    Oh WOWOWOWOW!! You rock Gavin, definitely due to the women whom contributed to your existence! Thank you for your newsletter, always a pleasure to read it, funny, original, uplifting, honest and to the point!

  22. Bruce S says:

    Many thanks Gavin once again for a great article, always appreciated.

    Look after yourself.

    Kind regards,

  23. Eve says:

    Thank you Gav!!
    Kindest regards

    Eve Mc Luckie

  24. Michele says:

    Great write up :-) as usual.

    Keep up the good work Sam & Gav.

    Warm regards

  25. Candice Faye says:

    Amazing write up as always, thank you

  26. DIANA DARRIES says:

    Thank you for acknowledging all women. Great article.

  27. Roshel Naidoo says:

    What an inspiring statement!
    Gavin you the man who really know how to respect a woman.
    Bless you always

  28. Cecile says:

    Awesome news letter, thank you for giving thanks!!!!

  29. Cecelia Gerber says:

    WOW, Thank you…..

  30. Philly says:

    I enjoyed reading your article. It’s powerful. Please write more about why you are referring to God as “she”

  31. Cheryl says:

    Awesome Gav. An example to others

  32. Anna says:

    Thanx, feels so appreciated!

  33. Tumi says:

    LOL awesome

  34. Elmarie says:

    Thank you Gav you just made my day my month my year. Believe me it has been a difficult couple of months. Thank you for your messages every morning I think I speak for all who get their WhatsApp messages that we appreciate it. Thanks to your mom for teaching you, I want my boys to also grow up and be an inspiration to others and treat woman with respect, kindness and love. I can’t say thank you enough. Have a fab month and a great day.

  35. Irene says:

    Thanks Gavin

    This is a really wonderful message it is rear that you still find good man out there like yourself who appreciate woman.

    Have a great day, regards


  36. Stephina M says:

    Thank you Gavin you have just made my day.

  37. Mavis says:

    Thanx Gavin

    There are still good man like you out there. Wish it could reach other man.

    God bless and stay blessed


  38. Tinus Van Aardt says:

    Well said

  39. riaan myburgh says:

    great nuus van ‘n ingeligte engelsman. thanks for making me once more realise how special the women in my life are.

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