The 3 magic words that will get her hot!

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September 28, 2017
October 3, 2017

I love it when Facebook actually works and delivers an idea or article I can really get my teeth into. Recently someone posted an article about the 3 words that your wife loves to hear that will turn her into a love machine. I’m clearly paraphrasing now and taking from it what I wanted, which I think was the point.

I did an extensive search (a whole 5 minutes) for the author of the original piece to give credit to them but to no avail. So to you, whomever you are, thank you and respect.

So what are the 3 words that will turn your wife, girlfriend, or companion into a love machine?

So a lot of you may be thinking, as stated in the article, that it would be words like; I love you; I need you; you are beautiful; you’re my life; I respect you; you complete me; (I think I just threw up in my mouth) and you would be correct – to an extent.

These 3 words encapsulate all of the above and more. The more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized that the 3 words are not only relevant in a relationship but they are relevant in a friendship, in a family, and in a business; solving almost all customer issues leaving them feeling supported, appreciated and respected. Most importantly, they are relevant if you wish to achieve anything worthwhile in your life.  So let me not drag this out anymore and tell you what they are:

The 3 Magic Words are, “I’ve Got This!”

These 3 simple words used in a relationship shows that someone has got your back. They are words of confidence and support. Words which when spoken, no matter what you are going through, you will know that someone cares about you and is stepping forward for you, as they look you in the eyes, and say, “I’ve Got This!” 


Sometimes with a subtle change they could be spoken to illustrate that you are not alone; that we are in this together. “We’ve Got This!” Everyone needs to know that they are not in this life experience alone. It’s always nice and comforting to know that when the chips are down in matters big or small, that someone, a husband, a wife, a sibling, a mom, dad or a friend, will and can step forward when we are feeling insecure, overwhelmed or uncertain and take control by saying, “I’ve Got This!” or “We’ve Got This!”

All people, but especially woman and children, need to know that they can depend on the Real Man in their life. They need to know that someone will and can step forward and take control of whatever situation they may be in. It’s a strong foundation, it’s a backup, it’s security, it’s love, it’s giving your time, and it’s being there for them. It basically makes them feel cared for and loved.

The benefits of having a woman feeling this way, well guys – there are no words! There is nothing like it when in the throes of passion, she looks up at you and says, “I’ve Got This!” But I’ve lost my train of thought now … oh yes,


When the wheels are coming off for a staff member, manager, or client: deadlines are looming, deliveries are outstanding, invoicing needs doing, and conflicts need resolving. When they feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, balls are going to be dropped and they are at their wits end; isn’t it cool when you can steps forward, tap them on their shoulder and says, “You go do what you need to, I’ve Got This!”


I’ve Got This! Is a statement of power and confidence! It is arguably one of the most positive things you can say to yourself especially when the pressure is on and you need to perform. I use these 3 words as a mantra whenever I’m speaking to scary audiences like teenagers, engineers or accountants. Or when I’m in trouble with my wife (so you can imagine how often I use it). I used it when I addressed 800 black miners (being one of only 10 white people) in Palaborwa, or to 250 Afrikaans farmers – being the only “soutie” at the Co-op near Hotazel.  (Yes it’s actually a place.)

“I’ve Got This!” Applications:

  • The next time you are feeling less than confident, pull your shoulders back, lift your chin and say to yourself, “I’ve Got This!”
  • If you see him or her standing across the room and you are slightly uncertain or afraid to go over and speak to them just remember, “I’ve Got This!”
  • When it’s a big account and you’re scared and nervous about the meeting; Prepare properly, know the benefits and keep repeating, “I’ve Got This!”
  • When your wife is uncertain and afraid about anything, hold her in your arms, look her in the eyes, then firmly and warmly say, “I’ve Got This!”
  • When your son is afraid just before the big exam or game or your daughter is uncertain about the test or the rowing trial, just look them in the eye with belief and confidence and simply tell them, “We’ve Got This!” And if they don’t get it, then we’ve got whatever happens and we’ll get it the next time.

I thought about a few other cool times these 3 words could be used:

The doctor just before surgery or the delivery – “I’ve Got This!”

The caterer at the function with a failed main course – “I’ve Got This!”

The Good Samaritan next to your broken down car – “I’ve Got This!”

She says she wants to see you alone and as she closes the bedroom door she says, “I’ve Got This!” (And then points to a rash all over her legs.)

Have a fantastic month in this wonderfully challenging country, and don’t ever give up hope, just lift your chin and say, “I’ve Got This!”

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  1. Sharon says:

    Gavin this is really great. I used to say “we are in this together” but now I will say “we got this”

    Ps love the video version – forces me to take time out to watch and listen instead of skimming over the text version.

  2. Lucas Van der Berg says:

    You are SO funny… but inspiring.
    Thank you.
    I am now retired but saw you in action many moons ago at Impala platinum.
    Have a good day. And I am sure : ” You’ve got this!”

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