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April 12, 2016
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November 1, 2016

“How can you say that?” she looked at me shocked. Shocked because she was actually paying me to have a one-on-one session with her and how dare I……. “I’m not stupid and definitely not lazy”. Well then you are also confused, and you’re attempting to defy your psychology and physiology.

Two facts you should know

  1. According to neuroscientists the human brain is actually and factually lazy. It continuously looks for the easiest, simplest, least effort, least physically demanding ways to function and to survive.
  2. A psychiatrist once told me that “Stupid” is a clinical term given to people who cannot learn or who will not learn.  The medical dictionary I used to back this up said Stupid is “not intelligent: having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things; not sensible or logical”

Stupid people are different to ignorant people. Ignorant people don’t know, and some even don’t know that they don’t know, but that doesn’t make them stupid – it makes them unconscious incompetents. When they find out what they don’t know, they then become conscious incompetents; they know that they don’t know. But they can be taught and are able to learn. When they learn and they now know and know that they know, they become a conscious competent.

Stupid people cannot be taught, they lack the ability to learn. The worst type of stupid are the ones who actually know better but do nothing about it. So stupid people are consciously incompetent.

Ever met a person who thinks they know it all and you can’t tell them anything? Because they close their brain to anything new or different they cannot be taught and therefore they make themselves clinically stupid. Even worse are the people who, after seeing a thing, understanding the thing, and knowing that the thing is causing them pain and misery, persist in doing the same thing. These people are VERY stupid. Stupid people actually know that what they are doing is hurting or even killing them or their relationship, and yet they don’t learn and change.

Now add a biological, lazy brain to the mix and you have a planet of mostly lazy, stupid people. And I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this – but you are paying me to  – your problems are caused and will persist because you are lazy or stupid or both.

I see you need a few more examples to see this? 

In spite of tobacco companies telling people that cigarettes are toxic, that these cancer sticks WILL kill you and maim your unborn child. (This is not a rumor, or unsubstantiated conspiracy theory – It is a proven and advertised fact, with pictures of dead, black cancerous lungs on the box). Yet, in spite of all of this, the world consumes more tobacco than it ever has, smoking figures have actually increased. They sell more cigarettes today, after the ban on cigarette adverting and forced health disclosures, than they ever have.  That’s just plain stupid. Do a clever thing and buy tobacco shares, make money from people being stupid!

Why don’t they stop?

Stopping means effort, change, withdrawals, and taking control. So because I’m too lazy and too stupid and I don’t believe that it will happen to me, (unconscious or conscious denial of actual facts) I continue to smoke. Stupid and Lazy!

Diabetes is close to becoming the number one killer and cause of untold pain and suffering for sufferers and their families. What is the major cause? We all know now it’s TOO MUCH SUGAR. Yet in spite of all of this, we keep consuming 68 – 77 kg of sugar per person, per year, worldwide. That’s up to 5kg of sugar per frikken person, per frikken month.

This is not a secret; it’s not a myth, we see this in newspapers, on television, in mainstream social media and our doctors tell us. We know this and feel this in our health, our waistlines, and our sicknesses. Do we stop? NO! That would mean effort, change and getting off my fat butt to make a sugar free meal. Too lazy – so I don’t change. I know what to do and how to do it, I see the consequences, hell I feel them and still I do nothing. Stupid and lazy!

You tell me that you are not happy at work and your marriage is barely holding on by the contractual fine print. When I ask why, you tell me you feel like you are going nowhere. You also tell me if you spoke to your boss and up skilled yourself you would and could get the promotion you want. You have all the answers – you know what to do: yet you give me money (thanks for that) to somehow find a magic bullet, so you can find an easier way, to do what you already know you need to do.

You tell me communication is the key to a good relationship and yet you tell me you and your husband don’t connect or talk anymore. What do you call someone who knows what to do, who is feeling the pain of seeing the man she loves drifting away, but instead of talking to her husband she pays money to communicate with a stranger about how she is not communicating with her husband?  I’m sorry I think that just stupid. Good for me – Stupid and Lazy for you, unproductive for your boss and sad for your husband.

The same applies to people who drink and drive. Stupid and Lazy.

What about people who vote for a government that literally shoots and kills the very people who voted for them, only to have their families vote for the same people again and again. These very same voters see and feel the economy tumble, mothers and babies dying in hospitals because of no CARE. Out of control crime. Bribery and corruption that literally takes the money out of their and their children’s hands, causing suffering and hardship yet, they vote for the same people again and again. That’s just plain stupid and lazy.

And what about the 10 million people who didn’t even bother to get off their lazy butts and vote at all?

“What difference will it make?” they say. It makes a difference stupid; you are keeping the same unconscious incompetent people in power. You know the same government that thinks that all people are stupid? Well they are not all stupid, ignorant maybe! Hopefully they will become conscious and maybe if the pain is great enough they may get off their lazy butts and vote for conscious competents. Until they do – stupid and lazy. 

Ever notice the political parties who promise to give stuff for free are the ones that are the most popular? Gee I wonder why free and easy parties are so popular? Nothing is for free. If you believe that you’re stupid. Believe me when someone gets something for free; someone else has to pay for the “free” with his or her effort. These same clever hard working people eventually get tired of it and they move away.

All people are not lazy and stupid. Mostly it’s the people that are suffering or unhappy who are, but everyone can change. The sad reality is that it normally takes pain and suffering to get people thinking and doing different. Unless they can’t because they are ……………and ………!

We all know that the more we give the more we get. The more I improve my self the more I can achieve. Yet we spend more money on toilet paper every month than we do on improving our minds and skills. We spend more money on our backsides then on our insides. Stupid and lazy!

We know that we must exercise and yet we make dumb excuses and we don’t. Stupid and lazy!

We know that to have a great marriage or relationship we can only take out what we put in. Yet we do the exact opposite. Stupid and lazy.

Women want safety, love, affection and attention, a lot like men, go figure. They feel this by what we do, say, how we support them and the amount of time we spend. Spend the time and they will feel the love. We know this. We know this because we did it when we were wooing her. Then we got done wooing because she fell in love so we STOPPED. Then we wonder why she’s distant.

Men need and want to feel appreciated and to have 123 every day. Men are not that complicated – you know this! All they ask is that you pitch up in the buff with food. And if you can’t get the food its all good, we can lose a few pounds. The buff is good enough. Yet 78% of men complain that they don’t get enough 123. All men really want is  … 123. It has become the number one cause of divorce and the major cause of infidelity. Yes ladies, men are mostly Neanderthals who only clean up and stand upright if there is a possibility of getting 123’d. WE ALL KNOW THIS? WOMEN KNOW THIS yet 50% – half – of all marriages will end in divorce. What do you call someone who knows what to do but who is too lazy to change and do something about it? Stupid and Lazy!

So here is the take home my fellow traveller:

Your brain is lazy. Knowing this then should help you to now decide that you will force your lazy brain to do more, and to do more, more often. To create routines that can’t be missed. Whether it’s studying, exercising, working, spending time or having 123.

You already know what to do! You do! You know how to be the best dad, the best mom, the best employee, and the best boss. You know how to be the best husband and the best wife. You may be ignorant of what is needed specifically (we are all ignorant of something) but you know how to ask and how to get the information and you can learn. But the things that make up our life, our health and our happiness  – these things we all know and we all know what to do. Not doing it therefore – is just plain stupid and lazy.

Your call!

Stupid and Lazy = sick, poor, fat, alone and dying


Clever and Active = healthy, richer, slim, popular, alive and living.

“Oh and I do one-on-one’s and group sessions to explain this again to the few people who still don’t get it or for the ones who do, but need me to tell them again, what they already know – I accept EFT’s and credit cards.”

Have a clever active month.



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