How to be the Best Manager (Leader) in the World

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March 23, 2011
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May 13, 2011

It is scary how many managers out there have never defined why their job exists. Many will say it is to achieve RESULTS, but unless they are clearly defined and as in many objectives, reviewed every day they may become a little hazy.

Here then are a few ideas that experts say will help you become more focused.

  • STOP having a vague idea of what it is you are supposed to be achieving and take some time now to clearly define your purpose.
  • REVIEW your purpose every day; some managers have shared their purpose with their teams, a sort of all for one and one for all, setup.
  • NOTE down all the tools, resources, people and strengths etc. that are at your disposal and start using them.
  • INCLUDED in your plan should be all managerial tasks you may or may not have to perform. Are your duties limited to achieving bottom line results only or do they include building the people, controlling finances, setting budgets, stock control, hiring and firing etc. This sounds vaguely like a job description and it may well be, but it is also important to add in your goals.
  • FIND OUT what your team expects from you a s a leader then compare it to what studies have shown.
  • STUDIES SUGGEST that the 2 most important qualities that team members want are firmness and fairness. Other qualities included consistency, honesty, decisiveness, support, openness and being able to laugh.
  • FIND OUT what motivates your team, both as a unit and individually.
  • FIND OUT by asking them personally and as a group and don’t do what others who came before you did!

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