Goedkoop is Duurkoop

November 27, 2013
Rest in Peace Mr. Mandela
December 13, 2013

Man … the Afrikaans people have such a fantastic way of putting things. Loose translation – PAY CHEAP PRICES AND YOU’LL PAY MORE IN THE LONG RUN.

The increased cost will not only be to replace the cheapy thereby paying double, but the damage caused by the “bargain” can sometimes never be recovered. The loss of income and downtime can be catastrophic.

My wife always smiles when I buy something – she knows my belief; “Pay for quality up front and never worry again!”


I know that times are tough and budgets are being slashed but …. PLEASE, PLEASE don’t buy a cheap speaker EVER!

There are so many quality expert speakers in S.A. today. Why would you be rand foolish and for the sake of saving a few buck’s risk an entire conference by putting a boring, idiot on your program?

Top guys are negotiable and they have a passion for their field, so invest in them and not the idiot with one good reference from his brother-in-law or corporate buddy and a great looking advert.

The extra 5 or 8 grand can easily be amortized over the head count and besides, you never book a speaker for his hourly rate but the value that he/she will add.

Great speakers will, with their content and or ideas, add quadruple their fee to your bottom line if their ideas are actioned.


Every year my industry is guaranteed to get an influx of Retired MD’s, retired sports stars, retrenched business people, ex-presenters and dancers, Survivor’s and anyone who ever recited a poem on stage at kindergarten.

I hear about ex-actors without sales experience training sales teams, graphic designers running insurance company’s sales road shows, housewives running motivational sessions, web designers addressing audiences on leadership and motivation. The mind boggles.


Fong Kong is the expression used to explain fake, phoney or grey products. Top people bill out at top rates. They have theexpertise, run proper business and add bottom line value, guaranteed! Recently a company had spent hundreds of thousands on a conference only for the “make shift, discounted speaker” to kill the event just before the end because of boredom and contradiction of all that had gone before him. Buyers beware!


If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Companies (and here I mean the people that “ok” the budget) will refuse to have an expert speak at the event, conference or meeting because the 20 grand is “too expensive” and is not in the “budget.” But these same id%@#% will sign off every night on a R140 000.00 bar bill.

OR R 90,000 room drops, of crap that most people don’t want, cant use or have 20 of them already in their cupboards from previous events.

OR R 30 000 for conference room draping. I kid you not!

OR R 50 000 for golf. (It’s a k@k sport boys, let’s accept it!)

OR R 42 000 for flowers and table settings for one dinner.

But the expert who will come in and deliver ideas that will double the business or inspire action and change is, “too expensive and not in the budget!”


Top people always negotiate and meet your objectives.

Top messages last, have a guarantee and there is a passion not to disappoint.

The best way to stick to your budget is to invest properly upfront.

Now I feel better:-)

Have a great day!

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  1. Dr Jacqui Baumgardt says:

    Thanks, Gavin. I have related your advice to the editing profession, of which I am a member. It’s a debate we’ve been having for quite a while.

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