Being “PC” is killing us!

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March 17, 2011
The Mile High Club
March 23, 2011

They say that when you add politics to anything, a screw up is guaranteed!

No, I am not going to talk about sport or the media or anything as predictable as that, I want to rant about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Who made up this nonsense and then gave it a name?

Political correctness is our ability to see things being stuffed up and to say and do nothing for fear of offending the guilty. Perhaps it’s just another way to avoid conflict or getting involved.

Having manners is one thing; I get that, but not saying or correcting what needs to be said, corrected or pointed out is simply suicide. Why on earth shouldn’t you tell the CEO that his speech sucked and that he alienated the entire audience?

Why can’t we accept and point out that most people by nature are lazy. If the facts show it, say it!

We have crime in our country not because of call centres not being available, or a shortage of cars and equipment. We have crime in this country because we have for the most part gotten rid of all the dedicated, hard-working, results orientated cops. We have replaced them with a bunch of people whose only desire is to have a job and a salary at the end of the month.

We have crime in this country because a group of people, many not even South African, have basically no morals, manners, ethics, integrity and humanity. This portion of our population (approximately 20%), are stuffing it up for everyone and unfortunately are acting as role models for the young people around them.

We have crime in this country because the South African public are lazy, uninvolved, uncaring, ignorant, (it won’t happen to me, and until it does I don’t care) and we don’t hold the government accountable for their results.

Do you want to stop crime? If you employ dedicated and brave clever cops, teach values and morals in schools. Start citizenship schools – no pass, no vote. Hold government accountable by not voting for them again – Crime WILL Stop!

We employ, sorry I don’t, they employ people based on quotas and ethnicity in government and companies. Forget about skills, talents, attitude and passion, and then they wonder why service, sales and profitability are down. “Shshshsh! don’t say that – it’s not PC.

And just in case you might think this is a racist tirade. It is, and it is not. It is because no matter what someone says, someone else will always find a way to bring race into it. It’s not because it is not and I have encountered and I am sure you have too, tens of thousands of white people who are still in positions and they also are given positions they do not deserve and cannot perform in.

In answer to your question, am I a racist? The answer is yes! I hate everyone equally! Give me a group and I will give you my opinion on them.

  • If the guy is an idiot, tell him. You may be the first person brave enough to do so!
  • If her blouse is too tight, too small, or just plain inappropriate for the environment, give her a heads up.
  • If you don’t like it, tell her.
  • Tell him that sales are down because his service sucks!
  • Tell her she is not selling because she is lazy! And then prove it.
  • Explain that service sucks because you, the manager, are not on the floor kicking butt and taking names.
  • Show them that service is down because they are employing the wrong people. This means they are the wrong people. It is your fault Mr. Manager, not the economic climate, yours! What are you doing to fix it? Well? Excuses are like bums, everyone has one.
  • If it’s not up to standard say so.
  • Hold them accountable and be firm on the punishment.
  • Fight the good fight and set the standards.
  • Employ people based on their skills, talents and passion. There are far too many skilled, unemployed South Africans out there for you to employ crud.
  • If the hat is ugly tell her, don’t allow her to embarrass herself all over town. Someone should have told Aretha Franklin that the outfit she, “carried on”, at the Obama inauguration was plain stupid, and it is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.
  • If you care about someone don’t let them out in public with a bad suit, dress or heaven forbid a toupee. If he wears a toupee you and all of his friends are to blame. Don’t blame the poor misguided folically challenged, ego driven dude. Slap his wife for allowing him to look like he’s wearing a Yorkshire terrier on his head in public.

Yes, I know that you are afraid that you will be fired, lose business, customers and friends. Hey! If your business, job, or relationships are not based on truth and trust but political correctness, it’s probably not worth having in the first place.

So, tell it as you see it, I say. If it’s the truth, based on the facts let them have it. I know that there is not a real big market in this country for the truth, but tell it anyway. Be the arrow, tell it straight.

One thing in life I really want you to be able to count on, from me. You will always know that I care enough about you to tell you the truth. What you do with it, if you can handle it, is up to you. That is my promise to you.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion including me!

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