Am I, Are You, Are We, Racist Criminals?

The most important choice you will ever make in your Life!
March 31, 2014
AN OPEN LETTER – To all the Chops, Dipsticks and Bee-ya-ches
June 24, 2014

Okay this is what keeps me awake at night and has me racked with guilt. It’s a genuine question that I need an answer to. So please reply after you’ve read it all or send this to anyone who you believe could assist with an answer.

Here’s my question?

Am I; Are you; Are we – an accessory to fraud, racism, corruption, theft, culpable homicide, manslaughter, and murder?

Here’s the thing!

  • In a democratic society the government is elected by the people who vote for it in a free and fair electoral process. Pretty straight forward; nothing difficult.
  • As I understand it, the majority of the people give their power, law making rights, and a massive share of their income to a group of people called a party. (And man do they know how to party with the income!)
  • People choose a party they believe in, and then by voting for them; give the party the power of attorney to act not only as them, but for them in almost all areas. Still with my logic?
  • If this is so, it should follow that should these elected people then commit crimes, surely the people who voted for them are accessories to those very crimes? How is my logic now? A stretch you might say -well not really!

You might say that you, we, I, they, didn’t know about the crimes before they voted for them and only found out after the fact. Yes, but even when knowing that criminal activities have and are taking place; after said crimes being exposed in numerous media releases; criminal court cases; audits; inquests; and after literally dozens of dead bodies being produced; if I, you, we, again vote for these very same people, surely I am, you are, we are an accessory to the crime/s?

Scary logic and a far-fetched idea? Well maybe not!

Let’s get the Nel and Roux elk involved for some legalese shall we:

According to my knowledge of the criminal procedure act (I was a CID detective in the dark ages) and what I haveextensively researched on Wikipedia J, Principles of Criminal Law and Legal City (they have a web site) the following are elements of being “an accessory to a crime”. I have added my own-bracketed score card My Lady.

  • “An accessory must generally have knowledge that a crime is being, will be, or has been committed.” [Check]
  • “A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping [voting – Check] or encouraging [Voting again and again – Check] the criminal in some way, or simply by failing to report the crime to proper authority.” [Check]
  • “The assistance to the criminal may be of any type” [lovely term, any type – Check]
  • “Including emotional or financial assistance [Tax, VAT, etc. – Big Check] as well as physical assistance or concealment” [Using tax money for lawyer concealment – Check]

 Knowledge of the crime 

  • “To be convicted of an accessory charge, the accused must generally be proved to have had actual knowledge that a crime was going to be, or had been committed.” [Every day in every court and media channel – Check]
  • “Furthermore, there must be proof that the accessory knew that his or her action, or inaction, was helping the criminals commit the crime, or evade detection or escape”. [Read on – and Check]Source: Principles of criminal Law

Assisting in breaking the law

“Someone who assists another to commit a crime either before or during its execution, but whose conduct does not constitute the crime itself, is known as a socius criminis, an accessory before the fact or accomplice to a crime. The term ‘accessory’, however, is more often used to describe somebody who knowingly assists a perpetrator after the crime has been committed. That person is then an accessory after the fact”.Source: Legal City

So here is my mad simple logic

Government fraud, oops sorry “tender irregularities”; corruption, oops again “cadre deployment” theft, nog ‘n oops“misappropriation of funds”; spin them how you will but surely the majority of the voting public must be accessories to these crimes and the consequences of the incompetency of all state department, officials and “leaders”?

Some may argue that they did not vote for the regime. Does that make them less of a criminal? You may argue that having knowledge when the crimes were committed, seeing where crimes are being committed: you took it upon yourself to vote for an opposition party thus cleaning your hands of the matter and making you innocent of all charges. Well here is more of my mad logic Pontius.

I am forced, we are forced, by the elected regime (not of my choosing or yours or maybe of your choosing), to pay exorbitant amounts of taxes, tariffs, VAT, levies, surcharges, license fees, tolls etc. to a government that arms a police force with lethal weapons and orders them to shoot and kill striking miners. My tax money was used to purchase weapons and ammunition that was used in the slaughter of my fellow citizens.

My tax money, our tax money, is paid in salaries to policemen who beat up a service delivery demonstrators, handcuff him to a vehicle and dragged him to a police station; killing him.

My money, our money; paid for regime Policemen to beat another unarmed service delivery demonstrator and to shoot him in the chest. In fact hundreds of millions of rand are used every year to fight, defend, and settle abuse of power claims by citizens against the regime.

And what of the blue lights civil servants paid for by me, you, us and their cavalcade of in some cases, convicted criminal guards and drivers, driving recklessly and shooting at and maiming ordinary citizens.

The money that I pay over every month is used to arm and legally protect thousands of criminal activities every year. Lets face it without money none of this would be possible? Without the tacit support of an informed voting majority none of this would be possible? I am informed. I pay for fear of penalties and prison, am I an accessory?

My money, our money that we pay over is aiding, funding and being stolen and misused and therefore I put it to you My Lord, My Lady: we meet all the elements according to law so: are we not accessories to these crimes? And more importantly if this is so, what is there to be done about it?

If I know and understand that racist laws are being promulgated and passed every day in this country using money that I have handed over – surely that makes me a racist? If I see thousands of my fellow black countrymen and women suffering because of policies and criminal activities and I do nothing but keep funding such activities and laws am I not a racist not to speak out?

Maybe I am just a simpleton. Perhaps I do not understand all of the legal opinions, variations and interpretations of laws in this country. One thing is for sure every time a multi-million rand motorcades blast by me on a freeway breaking every traffic law and endangering me and my fellow citizens; peaceful people are subdued using violent force; multi-million rand homes are built and upgraded for politicians while little 6 year old Michael Komape suffocates by choking and drowning on feces and urine in a pit toilet; I can’t help literally crying and asking am I guilty of that? I am sorry little Michael! I will do better; I will shed light; I will speak out. That’s my money that they stole. That’s my money that they used. I paid for proper toilets, sanitation and human dignity but it was used rather for a luxury swimming pool, multi-million rand home upgrades, luxury German cars and overseas holidays all for a greedy few elected by an apathetic majority.

am i are you are we 02I know that my monthly newsletters normally have a fun tongue in cheek message but sometimes the pain is just too great. Michael deserves more, you deserve more, and we deserve more! I knowingly am forced to financially contribute to a system of criminal, racist, classist, activities -surely I am an accessory before and after the fact? Well that’s my opinion!

All I can do for now is to speak out and stand in line on 7 May.

I hope I will see you there!

(in photo: Mr and Mrs Komape)

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