December 10, 2018
February 13, 2019


My Everest cake for 2018 was to work out every day for 365 days, no breaks, and definitely not missing a day. It was a tough bake but I put the final touches of icing on it on 31 December 2018.

Everest cakes come in all shapes, sizes, flavours and textures, but no matter the individual preferences they are all very big and important to the baker. So, no matter what your preference, here are the ingredients and cooking instructions for your Everest cake.



1 x fresh WHAT. I prefer a “WHAT” that I know will change my life for the better. A few years ago, it was a better relationship cake with my wife. I made a fantastic money cake a few years back, so much so, that we ate it all and needed to make another and another. You may choose a health Everest cake – like I did last year – or a 4 tier new qualification cake. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that you can really get your teeth into. Your WHAT is very important.

1 x ripe WHY. A reason, a tangible reason to bake the cake. A payoff. A reward. Most rewards are tangible and physical but more important than rewards are the results that we get that are intangible. The things like; self-respect, being a person of your word, making a difference, self-like, self-love, self-pride, self-improvement. Niche said “If you know WHY, you will endure any how”.

365 x portions of never quit, never give up, never ring the bell attitudes.

30 dozen Mulligans (these are daily do-overs).

1 x accurate measuring system. I use coloured marbles in a clear glass vase so I can see them.

1 x action plan of activities that you must do every day.




  • Take your WHAT and slice it up into simple steps.
  • Now take those steps and dice them up into weekly actions.
  • Then take those diced up actions and grate them all over the week.
  • Bring your WHY to a slow boil in the back of your mind. It is very important that you never lose sight of your WHY. Put a reminder on your phone, next to your bed, on your desk, on the fridge, and remind yourself every day to never take your eye off the WHY.
  • Do one task every day for a minimum of 40 to 60 minutes each day that will move you closer to your WHAT. Go for a walk, do a gym session, make a phone call, write one page of the novel, tell her you love her every day, make the extra sales call, reconnect, discover, read, study, practice.
  • Now spoon in one heaped Mulligan (a do over) every day. And increase the intensity. Some days turn the heat up, on other days cook low and slow. Rest it for 24 hrs and repeat the process.
  • After every bake, place one marble (lego block, pebble etc) into a jar and make sure you fill the jar to the top.
  • Now mix it up. Never let things get stale. Change the activity slightly so you keep it fresh and different.
  • Give it air. Tell people want you are doing. Let them know so they can support you.
  • The final vital ingredient is good dose of DON’T QUIT. When you don’t see results or when you are tired – you don’t stop. When you are tired or lazy or just don’t feel like it, you can only quit when you are done and not a second sooner. Like kneading bread, it takes effort and non-stop dedication.




If anything burns, (and it will) scrape off the darker bits, let it rest for 24 hrs and then place it back in the oven, and let it cook low and slow. If the burn is too bad – leave it to rest for longer and work on another part of the recipe until you can start again. Never stop cooking and never miss a day. Never. Ever.

This Everest cake works for all areas of your life. Love, relationships, your career, finances, fitness, spirituality, family and personal growth.

Here’s to many successful meals, cakes and deserts for 2019. And remember if you can’t stand the heat, buy a fan, put in an air conditioner, slow it down, but keep on cooking.


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  1. Elizabeth de Chazal says:

    Thank you – food for thought and action ?

  2. Charmain Erasmus says:

    This article is genius….. A recipe for life fueled by dedication. Loving life while you are living it. Brilliant. God Bless.

  3. Katy Marais says:

    Well written and much thought, you have put it this piece! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Steph Clark says:

    Extremely well written and clever article with loads of nourishment for the soul!

  5. Karen Otto says:

    Love your articles!
    Thank you

  6. jacques says:

    love the coloured marbles in a clear glass vase part, it helps to see your “progress” to help you in the days when things “burn” a visible reminder of how far you have come already!

    I’m going shopping tomorrow!! ;-)

  7. Ravi Naidu says:

    I guess you can have your cake and eat it too……….with hard work and dedication :)

  8. Dion Hanekom says:

    Nice article. thank you

  9. Ian King says:

    Excellent article and one that smacks of success. Thanks for sharing Gavin.

  10. Gesina Spangengberg says:

    Genius, pure genius !!! You are so good and I love your letters !!!

  11. Caren Martinis says:


    Wow that is amazing to train everyday for 365 days…. How on earth?

    Caren Martinis

  12. Lerato Mekgwe says:

    Great article.

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