Powerful Telephone Skills

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Up to 90% of personal company contact with their clients is done on the phone. Every staff member should be trained in how to operate the telephone.

Did you know that 70% of people who call your company would not do business with you because of a poor telephone manner? Think of how much you spend on marketing and advertising in order to get people to call your company and 70% of the people who actually call in to give you their money will do business with someone else because of poor telephone skills. The way people are spoken to on phones and the lack of skill in dealing with people on the telephone is one of the biggest crises facing business today. When you combine bad telephone skills with poor communication and non-existent listening skills, you have a recipe for disaster.


  • The 5 golden rules for listening
  • The 10 Golden rules when using a phone.
  • How to handle and identify different types of calls.
  • Phone etiquette.
  • Dealing with and handling irate customers.
  • We will cover the basic and professional manner of answering and handling the phone and how to take messages.
  • We obviously also talk about attitude and being able to project a positive brand experience on the phone.


Anyone who uses a telephone to speak to a client whether internal or external.

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