Schooling really hasn't changed much over the last 300 years. Children are all born creative, spontaneous, with no boundaries but are forced into a one size fits all, cookie cutter educational system. In our need to create order and educate large groups, our schools, for the most part, have become sausage making factories, producing scared and unconfident kids. Teaching is one of the noblest professions there is, but has been reduced to a cut and paste, regurgitative, conforming, tell-a-ship, follow the rules, profession. The unintended consequences of our current schooling system is that we disempower teachers and crush the spirits of our future leaders - our children.


  • A fun keynote where we unpack and laugh at our weird common experiences that makes us all resistant to change.
  • We talk about, and help children to understand that they are all special and that judging people based on anything other than what is in the heart is dangerous and shortsighted.
  • We show kids that they are not the sum total of other people's opinions of them, and that they can follow any dream and make a difference in the world.
  • We celebrate teaching and teachers and get the kids and teachers to understand that teaching is a calling and not a profession.
  • When we speak to the teachers we try to get them to understand that they have the potential and the power to unlock the genius and the beauty that is within every child.
  • Teachers need to understand that their profession shapes the future of our country in the world.
  • Teachers need to know that they do have an impact, and that they have to rediscover their mojo and always strive to be the best teacher in the school.
  • We get the kids to believe in themselves, to laugh and to understand that school is not about learning about rocks, plants and adding the alphabet. It is about learning to think, to use formulas, to learn social skills and mostly, that if you dig deep enough you will see that in almost every lesson at school, we are preparing them to become extremely wealthy and successful.


We always like to start with the teachers. We do charge a fantastically reduced fee to speak to teachers but we speak to senior high school kids for free. It is our passion and our way of giving back.

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