Someone once said “be the person you wish was around when you were a teenager." Teachers feel underpaid and overwhelmed, students are feeling more and more detached from what seems to be an outdated and impractical syllabus. “How is labelling a fern going to help me get a job?” A learner asked. Schooling really hasn’t changed much over the past 300 years. Children are born creative, spontaneous, with no or little boundaries. Teachers start out wanting to motivate, inspire and make a difference in the minds and lives of children. In our need to control and effectively run a school we have created the unintended consequences of uninspired teachers and students who tick the box and do the bare minimum.


  • A keynote for teachers to help invigorate, rejuvenate, and help them rediscover their Mr. Keating.
  • We laugh at ourselves as we track our journey of programming and conditioning from birth to business.
  • We discover the true personality types of givers and takers.
  • We learn to remove the rucksack of experiences that hold us back carrying only the lessons. We discover how to be positively contagious.

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