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If you are not changing, innovating or creating you are dying. If you or your company is not undergoing massive amounts of change you are coasting - going downhill - or going backwards. Change is the only constant, so we have to stop thinking and start ChInKing.

Change, innovation and creativity are the foundations of every successful person company or organization in the world. ChInKing is the nature of the universe and of life itself.

It's easy to talk about change but very few people like and accept change and even fewer know how to implement it. If you are serious about change and you have the guts to do something different then ChInKing is the keynote for you and your company.


  • You get a fun keynote that explores how we start out as originals but end up grainy copies.
  • We unpack and laugh at our conformity and how we are conditioned to limit our view on life, our potential and belief system about what’s possible.
  • We explained that companies are made up of people and that until people change; change in the company is almost impossible.
  • Most companies are made up of only two types of people. We identify these two types, and the fact that one type will stifle all attempts to change, while the other will embrace it and become change ambassadors.
  • The single biggest barrier to change its attitude. We discuss it, unpack it, and give suggestions on how to change it.
  • ChInKing can be tailored to address sales, service, change management, performance or any other issue the company might be going through. Examples and lessons can be changed to suit a company’s current situation.


Anyone who is alive and wants to succeed.

This keynote has an action tool (workbook) so delegates can action this learning experience. Enquire about this added extra.

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