Section 8 people are the M.A.D people, the people who Make A Difference.

Section 8’ers are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly and selfishly to keep the lights on, the tummies full, the coffee pot hot, the orders coming in, the deliveries made, the appointments kept, the strategies achieved, the customers happy and the company profitable.

The section 8 person is called mad because she goes the extra mile without the need for recognition or compensation that she does it because her true purpose is to make a difference.

The section 8 person is the one who stands behind the curtain while others get the accolades but they know that they contributed to making it possible that the success was achieved in the first place.

A Section 8 is not driven by rewards and recognition, although they do get them -they are driven by a purpose to make a difference in the lives of every person that they meet, and to do every job that they complete with perfection.


  • A keynote that unpacks what a section 8 person is and what drives them.
  • You get to understand that Section 8’s are driven by their ability to build relationships and to put other people's needs before their own. We discuss with a lot of fun how to become a section 8 relationship builder.
  • We speak about and discuss great South African Section 8’ers and how to become one.
  • We talk about the maverick nature of Section 8’s who believe in outdated concepts of giving, trusting, understanding, hard work, humility, integrity and most importantly courage.


This keynote celebrates the heroes of a company. The sung and unsung heroes who make a difference every day. It is a way to acknowledge them in front of their peers. Most Section 8’s are in the form of customers who support us year in and year out.

This keynote has an action tool (workbook) so delegates can action this learning experience. Enquire about this added extra.

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