For 25 years, I have been inviting corporates and delegates to change, to innovate, and to think differently - I called it CHINKING. The invitation was to stop thinking and starting CHINKING.

The scenario was always “if" disruption occurs, in the form of a personal tragedy or business slump how would you be able to change, innovate or create solutions, opportunities and strategies to help you cope?

Never In our wildest imaginations, could we have envisaged a global disruption like COVID 19! In the past the invitation was to think outside of the box. That invitation has now been withdrawn because the box has been destroyed, and now we need to, have to, change, innovate, and create our way through this worldwide disruption.

The great thing is, we are all designed to cope with any disruptions - we have just forgotten how until now.

This talk marries Chinking with Disruption and explains to you the many aspects of disruption that are not only needed, but in many cases required for growth and creation of new opportunities. Disruption like the seasons, is a normal and necessary phenomenon.

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