People hardly ever remember what you said but they always remember how you made them feel. Gavin has designed the Power Breakfast sessions with the intention of allowing companies to give their clients a brand experience; to be able to get clients to a VIP breakfast so that they may experience and have an experience because the company.

The Power Breakfast presents a fresh approach to inspirational meetings and learning sessions, with in-depth content and a richness of value that inspires those attending to the extent that they leave with a feeling that they have undergone a life changing experience.

In a nutshell you invite your clients to a venue having a staff member host each table. A guest speaker is then invited to share business and life lessons so that your clients may become more successful. The premise is that the more successful your clients become the more successful you become. It is sold as a partnership, and on Power Breakfast mornings, your purpose is to help your clients become more positive, more knowledgeable and leave with business and life skills because of you.


  • A client interaction, relationship building, brand experience.
  • A unique way of delivering specific messages in a funky, electric environment.
  • The success of Power Breakfasts is due to a high-energy environment, strong theme, loads of music and an experienced emcee.
  • The perfect balance of product promotion, personal growth and a take-home message.
  • Each breakfast is planned with a specific take home in mind and can be adjusted to suit any budget.
  • We can handle the entire breakfast and all the arrangements for you with the help of an event manager, or you can do it yourself and we will provide the professional content.
  • We have been running professional Power Breakfasts for many years and our clients have included many of South Africa's top corporations.


Power Breakfasts are for any company that wishes to create a brand experience with their clients while fostering brand loyalty and cementing a partnership with their clients.

Power breakfasts can also be used for staff recognition, education and motivation.

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