Everyone is talking about disruption. They all talk about Uber and AirBNB but nobody talks about the practical, personal, everyday applications.

Please Do Disturb unpacks the necessity of disturbing, disrupting and destroying outdated and defunct thinking, products and systems. Only by disturbance can we grow, and without destruction and disruption life would not be possible. Most, if not all of the great breakthrough’s in the world in all fields, have only occurred due to destruction, distruption and a disturbance of the status quo.


  • We get people to see and accept that disruption is necessary, and that disruption and disturbance is fun.
  • The best way to disturb people is to tell them the truth. We unpack the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We tell people what they need to hear – not what they want to hear.
  • We talk about the elephant in the room and that we need to stop bitching and moaning and just do our bloody jobs!
  • We disturb by being accountable. If you want people to be accountable – hold them accountable.
  • Disturbance is created with consistant, persistant, hard work and effort. We revisit and explore working harder and working smarter as a way to disrupt markets.


Anyone in business who is not getting results in these disturbing times. This talk is pretty disturbing !

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