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Gavin is often asked whether he would do one on one meetings with people. It is not his core business, and he is not a professional coach. If people want to, they can meet with him to have a frank conversation and to unpack any issues that may be blocking their success. The sessions are not for the fainthearted because he is not politically correct, polite, sensitive and will call a spade, a spade.

Sessions are brutally honest and he tries to come up with a practical strategy that will help you to move from where you are to another place. So if you need to get an opinion from left field from somebody who will tell you the truth, someone who will be brutally honest and someone who acts purely from a place of love then don't hesitate to book your two-hour session and let's get down to getting down to hard work.


Warning! These sessions are not for everyone and if the truth offends you or you are easily offended by honesty don’t meet with him.

If however you need to bounce ideas and get some straight talk, he will give you his time, honesty and years of experience in order for you to get another perspective.

He will use his 3 steps system in the session to explain how to achieve any objective and basically the session is a one on one unpacking the system.

The first session is about 2 hours and the follow-ups can be booked as and when needed.


Anyone who needs clarity, a different perspective, honesty and an easy system to achieve and set a goal.

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