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Sales and selling is the backbone of any organization and for that, they owe their very existence to sales and the sales team. It doesn't matter how good you can manage, how good your delivery systems are, how good your accounting and debtors department are, or the amazing IT systems you have in place; without sales nothing happens. Without sales there really is nothing to manage, nothing to deliver, no one to invoice and you have no IT systems (that never work) for that propeller head to fix on a daily basis.

Gavin has been in sales for over 30 years and lived with and studied multimillionaire salespeople and their secrets. Most people in sales today have never even attended a sales program, and if they have it was more than likely a paper-based intellectual 2 or 3 day training course.

If you wish to become a professional doctor, accountant, lawyer or engineer you will probably find that a minimum of 7 years of studying is required. To become a professional salesperson normally takes you a morning, a price list and a few brochures. The truth is that you can learn more from a person in 30 minutes who has been there and done it, than you can with 7 years of study. Gavin has done the years of study and 30 years of practical sales so let him talk to your people.


  • You get 30 years of sales experience in a live and unplugged.
  • You get to discover the most powerful tool you have in your sales tool belt.
  • Gavin will show you how to get your foot in the door in order to be in front of decision-makers.
  • He will show you where and how to find new business, open new markets and work a territory.
  • He will share with you multimillionaire sales techniques and tips, habits and daily actions that make companies successful and salespeople rich.
  • You may even learn how to close a sale without closing the sale.
  • How to maximize every second of the day with a sales management system.
  • How to take insurance out on a client that will guarantee they will come back again and again.
  • And we will speak about solution and benefits selling as opposed to moving boxes.
  • This keynote is a master class with a multimillionaire salesperson and if you can't see the value in that then he is not your guy. If you can and you do, he really wants to help you and your sales team.


Anyone in any level of sales.

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