Where have the closers gone ? No one closes anymore. A sales director told me proudly once that “one in every 15 proposales is closed in my company”. Only 1 in 15! And they are not closed; the quoted client just calls back after a few days to place the order. FACT – most companies don’t have closers – the have quoters and order takers! What type of closing results are you getting from your team?
  • Do you have closers?
  • Are most of them missing 91% of their leads and opportunities?
  • Have your closers ever been trained on how to close?
  • How much are they costing you every month with only a 9% closing success rate?

Most sales trainers make sales out to be a complex lie down and take an asprin process. ITS CLOSING TIME is easy if you have these action steps. The ideas are so powerful they have repeatedly caused sales teams to quadruple their results. Closing sales is an absolute must for any sales person.


  • The absolute golden rule of sales – ABC – you need to know and do this 24-7-365.
  • 8 deadly closes for making a client and the sale.
  • 5 simple steps to handling almost any obections that will almost guarantee you the sale ?
  • The golden rules about closing that are so easy once you know them you’ll wonder how you lived without them.
  • Learn when to ask for the business and how.
  • This workshop will make you money, save you time and give you control.


Anyone interested in closing more business, making more money, saving time, and being the number one sales person in the company.

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