He can play golf, be it ever so badly. When asked to do a golf day, he can play a round as long as he is placed with the worst golfers in the field who do not take the game too seriously.

At the prize giving he will open the event, welcome guests and introduce any special guests. Then he will act as emcee for the dinner and prize giving and make sure that the evening has structure and runs according to the schedule.

Golf days normally book comedians, who he is not. He is however a humorist that speaks about serious issues in a fun way. Due to demand however he has been known to take all of the really funny bits from his various presentations, put them together and deliver a type of fun routine. He does prefer however to share proper business lessons and behaviors clothed in funny content to give a serious fun aspect to the evening.


  • An emcee that holds the function together and hands out the prizes.
  • He can deliver a serious fun business lesson to add value to the evening and make the humour have meaning.
  • He can and has run many auctions at these evenings, having once sold a handful of fresh air for R7 500 at a children's charity golf day.


Any corporate or association holding a golf day.

Any fundraiser or charity hosting a golf day that requires an emcee and auctioneer.

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