Most sales people will tell you that the hardest thing to do in sales is to get infront of good quality, qualified prospects. This effective, relevant and pratical keynote / workshop reveals how to get you’re your foot in the door!

Most sales trainers make sales out to be a complex, lie down and take an asprin process, but “getting your foot in the door” is easy if you have the action steps. These ideas are so powerful that after just one month of using them in the insurance industry, Gavin had senior executive consultants sitting in his office and learing how to close an appointment.


  • The 3 absolute must do steps you need to have done before you even pick up the phone.
  • The 10 golden rules for making an appointment and getting past the call screener.
  • The 3 power steps that will guarantee you get the appointment.
  • The golden rules to filling your diary with appointments every day.
  • The millionaire salespersons’ secrets to cold calling and call reluctance.
  • Discover not only how to love rejection but how to use it as a character building inspirational tool.
  • Bonus tips on how to get passed the “no budget” objection.


Anyone interested in securing more appointments or wanting to improve activity and results in sales.

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