Let Gavin Sharples be your EM-CEE for any event or function. He has a unique way of being able to summarise the "content" or "message" of all the speakers and then package it into a mind-blowing "wind-up" at the end of the event.


  • He can be a straight Emcee - This is a serious, no-frills, linking speakers, making a quick comment about the previous speakers’ content, holding the event together and making it run on time. This is his least favourite way of doing things, and maybe you should rather use John from marketing to get it done that way.
  • He can be outrageous, take the mickey out of the speakers and run a relaxed event with his irreverent and fun manner. He likes to roast people in authority and have a dig all in good humor. This type of emcee he loves doing, and if no one takes themselves too seriously, you can have a lot of fun with this one.
  • The third option is to break a presentation into bits, so after every other speaker, he constructs a message and delivers bits of it breaking up the day. In other words he gives you a full presentation just broken up into pieces. It's nice, it's fresh and he becomec an active emcee delivering content as well as holding the event together.


Anyone who needs a master of ceremonies or a program director to keep things moving, light and fun.

Any event that needs fun content that changes gears thought a technical or heavy content day.

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