Shift Happens

by Gavin Sharples

With over 20 000 copies printed, South Africa’s different motivational fundi – Gavin Sharples takes you on a ride to discover The Big Picture that is your real destiny. He shows how taking different actions leads you to cause shift in your life. Maintaining the originality of the individual forms 90% of Gavin's teaching – preserving originality leads to building of self-image, confidence, creativity and ideals of the individual – hence being Big and being You.

Shift Happens advocates total trust in oneself, and is aimed at anyone who wants to become a forward-thinking individual with a huge sense of self. As Gavin says, we are all born originals but die carbon copies; his mission is to shift that and to help people rediscover their authenticity. This highly motivational and inspirational book tackles our issues with zest and in a hugely entertaining way.
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