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Customer service is about 3 fundamental things.
  1. It’s a common sense approach to treating people as we would a favourite family member. In many cases it is merely a reminder of manners, respect, grattitude and the privelige of building a relationship with another human being.
  2. It’s a fundamental shift in thinking of the people in an organization / company to live customer service as a purpose. It understands the concept of Purpose over Task.
  3. On a practical “how-to” approach by a company, customer service is nothing more than a bunch of systems designed to define every touch point where the client comes into contact with the organiztion.


  • We energize the staff member to understand that their personal attitude, mood, professionalism and the amount they care is the bedrock of creating customer moments.
  • We unpack and explain the concept of Purpose over Task.
  • We explore the touch points, the moments of truth that define the customer experience.
  • The customer (delegate) needs to have fun and enjoy the learning experience. Gavin will combine a fun personal look at themselves and pepper it with practial customer service moments. It is a short, sharp, powerful and fun experience. /li>
  • We explore the different systems availible in every touch point.
  • We show the service circle and how to create B.A.D service ie. service Before After and During a clients’ engagements with the company.


Anyone in business who has customers internal / external. This is run as a keynote or as a workshop depending on the depth of engaement required and the time and budget restraints.

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