Gavin has taken Africa’s Big 5 and used their characteristics, instincts and behaviours to demonstrate what it takes to succeed in a modern day urban jungle. Sales are easy if you have these five action steps. These ideas are so powerful that they are guaranteed to work or your money back.


  • The Buffalo – the most intense of the big 5, shows the most powerful tools in your sales tool belt. Attitude, belief and confidence.
  • The Rhino – has been around for over 40 million years and has habits and actions that millionaire sales people use. How to work a teritory, present and discover needs.
  • The Elephant – The wisest and real king of the jungle. Learn what really sells and what people really buy. Benefit selling, solutions selling and relationship building.
  • The Leopard – The stealth hunter that does change it’s spots will teach you how to generate more leads than you can imagine. Finding new business and prospecting techniques.
  • The Lion – This closer will in one short game, teach you how to negotiate and get truck loads more business. Closing deals, handling resistance, handling obections and actual closes.


Use these techinques (and show proof thereof – most people never follow through with the action steps) for 90 days and see no major change in the sales results, and you get your money back. Activate this guarantee and get the results we promise and my fee doubles or you pay me 10% of all additinoal profits. Show me another sales system that is as confident to have a money back guarantee.


This is availible as a keynote and as a workshop process over 6 months. Each module lasts 2 hours and is delivered monthly.


All sales teams – new or old

This keynote has an action tool (workbook) so delegates can action this learning experience. Enquire about this added extra.

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