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Speaking in front of an audience has been described as the second biggest fear a person has, second only to death. Speaking to an audience and creating a presentation has always been shrouded in complicated systems, processes and the belief that you are either born with the ability to speak or you are not. The truth is that speaking or presenting to any audience is extremely simple if you have the formula and the rules.

Gavin has been speaking professionally since 1993 and has studied hundreds of speaking professionals and amateurs over the years.

Action, Lights, Camera is designed to help anyone put together a powerful presentation and deliver it with ease.


  • The three-step master speaking formula.
  • The secrets of how to top and tail a presentation creating a big opening and a memorable close.
  • We unpack the secrets and techniques of top speaking professionals and share their ideas.
  • We show you how to overcome nervousness and fear.
  • You get the rules of public and professional speaking.
  • Depending on the time frame you get to deliver a five-minute speech before the lessons and again after you have been given the information. The difference will astound you.
  • Seasoned speakers will learn how to get the edge and how to speak so people will want to listen and want to take action.


Anyone who has to address an audience should jump on this, and companies should include this as a conference or training item. Business professionals, salespeople and anyone in management need to have the skill to create a presentation and be able to deliver it.

Being able to speak to a group of people builds confidence in children and in many cases children are asked to present to their class in choosing them for leadership roles.

Public speaking builds personal confidence so almost anyone should attend.

This can be run as a keynote or a workshop.

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