John Halstead

Michael Bouw
October 20, 2017
Triple Action
October 20, 2017

You have truly changed our lives with your 3 workshops aimed at doubling our turn over by effectively managing our time and now using our Business Management System as apposed to our old “to do lists” in our diaries plus teaching us the ability to “satelite” and to develop our EQ and making every second count plus EVERYTHING else in-between.

Your cut to the core, no excuses style of presenting combined with your unmatched wit and unrivalled humour makes you the best we have ever had!

The results to date as a result of these workshops are :
• 297 new recruits in 3 months = a 230% increase for my team
• a 22% increase in activity rate of our existing Beauty Advisors
• Sales of R2 657 000 (just in my region!!) in October and we will definitely be going way over the R2 Million again in November aiming for a growth over last November of 23%

We will definitely use you AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and as I know these recent successes are just the beginning of incredible things to come.

Cheryl Hoffman
Regional Director – Midreef Region
Avroy Shlain

Gavin, just a short note to thank you for your brilliant presentation at our Sales Conference recently. Your messages are not necessarily unique, but your delivery of these messages most definitely are uniue, and wihtou doubt you stole the show!

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