The biggest challenge (complaint) that salespeople have is where to find new business. Many salespeople don't have any problems making the appointment and getting their foot in the door, but finding the prospect, and looking for clients is a challenge. I remember saying to my sales manager "once I'm in the room, I'm unstoppable, but I cant find a room to get into!". This session is specifically designed to give strategies and ideas for finding new business; for promoting yourself and your products or services.

The three skills that you need to have before even looking for a prospect. The 7 habits / characteristics to becoming a referable commodity. Yes, how to become the most referred business person in your industry. Discover farming and farming areas, together with saturation planting. Marketing 101. Back to basics or "new basics" for some. How to market yourself in order to get business. Get over 20 marketing / brand building ideas. Maverick marketing. Disrupting times need maverick marketing solutions, so we uncover and re-discover 25 tried and tested "different" marketing ideas to smash into people's minds. And as a bonus - we will even share with you in the closing technique used by 78% of top sales performers. This almost guarantees the closing of new prospects.

Anyone interested in building their businesses and building the brand awareness which has to result in sales and making more money.

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