January 15, 2017
March 29, 2017

So here’s the thing!  I have been wrestling with a quote by Albert Einstein for a long time. It stumped me for years, and then just the other day I felt like Archimedes and wanted to run down Kipling Avenue shouting “Erica, Erica, I have got it”. Who the hell Erica was, only he would know.

(Thank you Frank Opperman for that one!)

Who knew that Einstein had something more going on for him than just the theory of relativity? He in fact explained the secret to achieving anything you wish to achieve. This month’s newsletter is extracted directly from my new book, The MANual. A MANual on how to be a Real Man.

Albert Einstein said “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

So what is a frequency? It is “a number of regular occurring events of any given kind in a unit of time”. Stay with me here it gets easier.

Frequencies are persistent, consistent movements of whatever event you happen to be measuring. Still with me? Persistent means to never quit; to never give up – that one’s easy enough! Consistent means to do it again and again with the same intensity or more, if it is required. You see, every time you do it consistently (again) it is literally a gain.You gain, every time you persistently and consistently take positive action. How clever is that?

This is big; this is huge, read this again and get it into your head. I don’t really know how intelligent you are, but unless you are anywhere near the level of Einstein then I think this law is pretty solid. Only a few people have argued with Einstein and won. It is not a philosophy. It is physics.

So it follows that (here is more of my logic), if you match your number of regular occurring (frequency) workouts (or events), to that of a champion cyclist, you cannot help but to get that reality.

If you match the frequency of the amount of times a happily married couple make love, demonstrate love, show appreciation, show kindness, understanding and respect; you cannot help but get that reality.

If you match the frequency; the number of regularly occurring “events” of an author, poet, person with a doctorate or a happy person; you cannot help but get that reality.

The “How To”!

So the how-to on this one is pretty simple because it’s already been explained, so let me just repeat the how and leave out the what, which you can fill in.

If you match the frequency; the number of regularly occurring “events” (consistent, persistent positive actions) of  _________________________ you cannot help but get that reality.

Fill in whatever you would like to achieve or whom you want to be like. Find out what they did and how often they do it. Match the frequency of their actions and in the words of Einstein, again, you cannot help but to get that reality.

What is your wife’s love frequency? So, if you remember I have stated before that love is an action. Love is not a feeling it is something that is done that creates the feeling called love. Gary Chapman in his amazing book The 5 Love Languages, has identified some of these actions, (He calls them languages – he may have called his book the 5 Frequency’s, every language has a frequency), these regular occurring events, that she needs in order for her to experience the feeling of being loved. For some woman the act of doing stuff for her, helping her, is how she experiences being loved. So it follows that if you help her and do stuff for her frequently, you cannot help but to get that reality. Once off acts of service does not a frequency make? What is the love frequency of your husband, and how frequently do you match his frequency?

Matching a frequency goes much further;

If you match the body language of the person you are with, by mirroring them, by copying how they sit and how they gesture, you will match their physical frequency, their energy. ( Remember they sit based on how they feel, based on their energy, their frequency.) You will now be able to connect with them, because you will be on the same mental and physical frequency. Try this it’s so much fun.

If you match the frequency of a successful salesperson’s call cycle, or the frequency of his closing techniques, you cannot help but get that reality.

To paraphrase  Brian Tracy; success is nothing but small, positive, actions done repeatedly. He must also have read Einstein.

Mohammed Ali used to not only match the frequencies of his opponents training schedules, he used to do more, more frequently, so that when he stepped into the ring he knew that they could never match his power because his frequency was stronger.

Trouble Shooting!

“Yes but ……”

Don’t even try “yes but” me on this one! “This is physics, baby!”

Have a high frequency month.


And PS – Yes, I can explain this in a keynote!

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  1. Joanna Compston says:

    Love Love LOVE this article .. changed my life ❤👍🤙

  2. Steve Muntalima says:

    This is wonderful….thanks for this. Thoughts trigger feelings; and feelings trigger action.

  3. Winston Widdes says:

    WOW!!! Great article! You really nailed it! Well said. Fantastic examples and explanation.

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